Arziolo, the Grand Nephew

Arziolo is the first child of my niece Glygly.  This kiddo made it official that I am now indeed a Grand Uncle.  First time seeing and touching this little champ melted my heart. 

cuteness overload

With the more than twenty nieces and nephews that I have, I’m pretty confident on knowing how to be a cool uncle.  But with the addition of Z (Arziolo’s nickname) in the family, I have yet to know and find out what it would be like being a Grand Uncle.  One thing though is for sure, it would always be some cheerful meetings in the future with Arziolo and his delicious Tito Lolo.

And this makes Nengkoy to officially be a Great Grand Mother.  Welcome to Team Langit Arziolo!

Ang kyut!

Nengkoy Conquering the Rapids

nengkoy with her water rafting team

nengkoy with her water rafting team

Before Nengkoy and a bunch of her grandchildren headed to Davao (a southern city province of the Philippines) for a short vacay, I and my elder sister particularly told our adventuresome nephews and nieces not to subject their Lola (grandmother) to any hell raising thrill ride that they plan to take during this journey.

This specific order was put in place because every time Nengkoy and her grandchildren convene outside of Metro Manila they would often go for some adrenaline-infused adventure.  One particular exploit was when they went through some limestone caves in Palawan then capped it with a 330-meter zip-line ride.  Nengkoy then was already 74 years old.

And as expected, my adventuresome nephews, nieces and Nengkoy defied such orders.  Nengkoy now 77 years old further pushed the envelope when she conquered the white water rapids of the Davao river.  According to my nephews and nieces, Nengkoy was the oldest female rider who did the water rafting for this particular route.  And the oldest male rider is actually 3 months older than her!

Here’s one of those many scary obstacles during their adventure…

Nengkoy is the one who refuse to raise her paddle after the challenge!! Hahaha!

Taray! Lumelebel ap ang lola nyo!