Joseph of Arimathea is One Fab Dude

this obviously is not my photo... got it from pinterest (thanks)

i obviously don’t own this photo… thanks pinterest!

I am writing this article now from Jerusalem… Today is a pretty special Sabbath day here in Jerusalem because today is Black Saturday for the Christian Catholics.  And since I belong to this denomination, let me give tribute to an awesome Saint who showed sincere generosity on the time of Lord Jesus’ death (which was commemorated yesterday – Good Friday).

His name is Joseph of Arimathea, considered one of the secret disciples of Jesus Christ, he was the one who donated his very own tomb so that Lord Jesus can be buried and laid to rest.

Hands down to this wealthy fella!  His selflessness and generosity was obviously swift and instinctive because Lord Jesus during that time (who died on a Friday at around 3:00PM) needs to be buried immediately because the Jewish Sabbath is soon to come.  That indeed is one fab of a deed!

And during my Holy City Tour in Jerusalem, I had the opportunity to actually see and set foot on the grave/tomb on where this generous dude was buried or laid to rest.  Of course he was not placed in his own tomb because Lord Jesus has occupied it, but instead, his tomb was nearby and can actually be found in one timeworn corner of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.

after seeing this... hands down to this generous dude1

after seeing this… hands down to this generous dude!  he indeed is worthy of his sainthood…

Generus ni Manong!