Queen Meryl

If your life story would be featured in a film, who among the actors and actresses would you want to portray your character?  Since it will take metric tons to depict my charm, appeal and personality, it will take a true thespian, prolific performer and sensational artiste to take on my character.  I actually think that no living male actor can do my role.  But one actress (for that matter), I guess, can level up and take on the extreme challenge of being my character.  I would certainly choose the most celebrated actress of all time, Meryl Streep.

Meryl Streep is so good, give her the character of a chair, she can certainly act like one.  And you will be left stunned and entertained at the end of her characterization of being a genuine chair.

queen meryl

queen meryl

I personally have lost count on how many Meryl Streep movies that I’ve seen.  But in each movie, she was simply frank, authentic and valid.  She is so effective you would actually forget that she is Meryl Streep, the actress.

And just yesterday, I was again extremely impressed by Meryl Streep when she rendered a very powerful speech when she was given the Lifetime Achievement Award by the Golden Globes.  It was intense, it was true, it was charming, it was emphatic.  Such a poignant speech actually shook the whole America out of its wits!  It is because, what she was saying seem to shake and wake them all up.

Why was Meryl so effective and made a buzz all over the world in her yesterday’s speech?  It was because everybody – at the back of their brain – seem to be being told, lectured, chided and harangued by Miranda Priestly, Margaret Thatcher, Sister Aloysius Beauvier, Florence Foster Jenkins, Joanna Kramer, Violet Weston, Sophie Zawitowski, Donna of Mama Mia and The Witch of Into The Woods all at the same freaking time!

That is how powerful Meryl Streep is!  She’s so powerful she should be crowned and dubbed as the Queen of America!

Aydol! Ibang lebel kung tumira si Ateng!

Madonna’s Masterpiece

A couple of days from now, all earthlings will get to enjoy and listen to Give Me All Your Love, the title of the soon to be released first single of my favorite artist Madonna.  This dancey song’s release-highlight will be the much anticipated ala-Cirque-Du-Soleil Madonna’s performance at the Super Bowl Halftime show slated early next month.  Too bad Super Bowl is not gonna be held in this “more fun” assuming country.

But before everyone start dancing to this soon to be released single that will mark the start of this year’s worldwide invasion of The Queen, let us first listen and fell in love to the gorgeous song of Madonna entitled Masterpiece.  It’s so gorgeous it is nominated (and amply predicted to win) for Best Original Song in the 2012 Golden Globe Awards.

I actually have yet to hear this song being played on local radio.  This splendid ballad was never officially released but was instead used as one of the official soundtracks of the movie W.E. which Madonna herself directed. Give a spin to Madonna’s “Masterpiece” …

Ang pagbabalik ng Reyna ay parating na. Nag payl ng bekeysyon lib si Leydi Gaga kahapon. Hehehe