A Movie Whose Title I Did Know Until I Finished Watching It

Yesterday was my first time to watch a movie in which until the end of it I never knew of its title.  Prior to getting to the mall, the only thing I know about the movie which me, Nengkoy and my whole family is gonna watch is that it stars hunky actor Gerald Anderson and pretty Ms. Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach.  And that it is a romantic comedy film directed by Cathy Garcia-Molina.

You may wonder how come I did not saw the title when it was flashed at the first parts of the movie.  Yes, I did not saw or notice it.  Maybe it’s because I was too busy opening all the lids of all the huge tubs of popcorn my family brought along inside the cinema.

Only when I and my family were heading out of the cinema did I realize that I don’t know the title of the Filipino movie that we’ve just seen.

At the first half of the film, viewers will be treated with tacky plot of a story, bad acting, and cheesy dialogues.  It especially became garish, loud and shoddy when the character of Wurtzbach appeared.  There was nothing new and special about the film.  And before the movie reaches its second half, I have already accepted the fate of us viewers that we have to endure watching such a trashy and second-rate film. 

It was so disappointing that I have concluded that the director has gone worse as compared to the cool and heartwarming Filipino romantic-comedy films she has done in the past. And that the only saving glory of the film was the pleasure of seeing and appreciating the good looks of both Anderson and Wurtzbach.  I have even resolved within me that it was good that I did not even know the title of such a trashy movie.  Who would want to know anyway!

But when the film reached its second half, all these disappointments and frustrations were suddenly erased!  The story, the plot and even the acting suddenly bloomed and became so fetching.  In fact, when the second half of the film was running, I wanted to steal an Oscar trophy from the imaginary cabinets of acting awards of Meryl Streep and hand it over to Anderson!

When the twist of the story was revealed, each minute of the movie surprisingly becomes so intriguing to the point of being so engaging.  It was so fantastic, I thought myself to be so stupid for not knowing the title of the film we were watching.  I actually wanted to go out and read the movie poster but I don’t want to leave for I may miss an important scene of the movie.

The magnificent twist of the film’s story justified the reason why the first half was cheesy, shoddy and corny with an overly-filtered cinematography.  The twist in the story was so clever it seem to trigger the deep-seated schizophrenia in me!

Very few Filipino films in the past made me cry.  This one elicited a tsunami of tears from my usually dehydrated weeping ducts!  I don’t wanna reveal the twist, neither do I wanna be a spoiler.  Oh, by the way, the title of the movie is My Perfect You.

Kaaliw! Nagoyo ako nung una ang ganda pala!

Sarah G is such a Turn-Off

geronimo & anderson

Entertainment TV host Ogie Diaz and the rest of Pinoy showbiz-landia attributes actor/celebrity Gerald Anderson’s surrender of pursuing actress/singer/superstar Sarah Geronimo to be his girlfriend to the latter’s wicked mother. Considering that Anderson is one of the most eligible bachelors of this country, only stupid ladies, I guess would say NO to him. Even devoted caring mothers would pray to the heavens that their daughter be the girlfriend of this gentleman.

Though Anderson’s acting skills can be compared to a guy suffering from indigestion, Gerald is famous, single, childless, young, handsome and filthy rich.  A lot of people would agree with me – and I apologize to the multitudes of Sarah fanatics – that he is even more beautiful than Sarah Geronimo.  He could therefore be considered “one rare find”.

I just hope Sarah Geronimo (who at 24 years old has yet to develop her inner backbone) would not end up marrying an old, adulterous, ugly and atrocious beer-bellied worthless bum in the future.  Her inability to stand up for what she wants and how she feels as well as her allowing to be controlled by people whom she actually feeds is just absurd.  She for me in this case is a whopping turn-off.

Hindi ka stap toy na pwedeng itago sa cabinet ng nanay mo neng?