A Fruity Twisted My Brain

I was not longing for Ruby Roman Grapes, the most expensive grapes in the world.  I was never looking for Ackee, one of the rarest fruits on the planet.  And not once did I crave for Cherimoya which according to Mark Twain is the most delicious fruit known to men.

I was only yearning to try a Miracle Berry and experience for myself the magic and oddity it does to my taste buds.


And this yearning has finally been resolved when Chef Clark Soliman, a co-employee, learned about my hankering.  He’s got a Miracle Berry plant in his backyard in Pampanga.  Chef Clark when he visited my office actually gave me a handful of this amazing berry.

I right away tested it.  I ordered the nearest restaurant from my office to deliver me a chopped calamansi (a very sour citrus fruit abundant here in the Philippines).  I munched into the miracle berry as soon as my chopped calamansi has been delivered.  And after a couple of minutes, I was supping, lapping and sucking on what supposed to be the sourest citrus fruit on the planet.  But my discernment was different, my taste buds were telling me that I was supping on the sweetest and most delicious honey orange in the universe!

from notorious sourness to heavenly sweetness

Miracle Berry indeed tricked and deceived my precious taste buds!  I never knew that my brain could further be twisted by such a mere fruit.  It’s fun! Find one and be twisted by the effect of Miracle Berry.
Tikman nyo! Kaaliw!

Happy Fruity New Year!

Nothing will be missed, nothing will be gone.  So in keeping with the Pinoy tradition of hoping and wishing for good luck and prosperous New Year, I have filled two humungous containers with varieties of sweet round fruits.

Let me also take this great opportunity to thank all the sweet-fruity-like people who provided me joy in the year 2011 may it be like a tiny cherry in shape or the titanic watermelon in structure.  A heartfelt thanks to all people who kept me company in chasing butterflies and harvesting the crops of my existence, you made me further appreciate the rainbows of life.  You have been the fresh grapes, apples and mangoes of my being.

And for those who’ve been like rotten fruits who gave me a sting in the neck this year, let me pronounce that I forgive you and I’m wishing you not to carry out the most evil thing that you would do on the coming fresh year that would result to a karmic debt that you will be repaying and re-harvesting for the rest of your life.

In 2012 we for sure will encounter noble failures – that’s the bitter part of life – but let’s turn and plant these mishaps to bear creative golden orange-like opportunities.  Let’s all keep dreaming and try to achieve it with a smile.  Happy New Year everyone!!!

Hwag kayong mag-alala, tulad ng prut salad, masarap pa rin ako neks yir!