Baler 2017

Summer 2017 is on here in the Philippines!  Here’s my first summer adventure this year!  Fun spending an early summer season with MJ, Willie and JB…

It’s my third time in Baler and this bucolic province never ceases to amaze me.  Love this place!

I lab Baler!

Cool FB Friendversary Video

Facebook surprised me when I saw an awesome post among my feed that pays tribute to the 6th year anniversary of my being connected with my brother Wreigh in Facebook.  It is so damn cool, I of course have to “share” it.  (It garnered 20 likes, by the way)

This post along with the ‘On This Day” feature in Facebook makes you feel nostalgic and sentimental.  It also makes you realize how far

you’ve been for the past few years… from your being nerdy to charmingly sociable or from being horribly ugly to being drop-dead gorgeous.  This Facebook feature is so amazing and heartwarming!

Being the wicked and crude that I am, this Facebook recollection makes me wonder when will Facebook pays homage to the time when you “un-friended” or “blocked” someone on Facebook.  I am so looking forward to seeing that kind of a tribute on my Facebook feed.  I will definitely share that!

Tenks Peysbuk!

Preserving My Friendster Testimonials

Now that the previously web darling and popular social networking site has announced that it will have a reformat, I’m sure almost all previous Friendster fanatics are now distressed with time.  Every account holders are freaking out on how they would be able to retrieve and save in another file all their momentous photos they have kept intact throughout the years from their respective account.  I admit I am one of them…

While trying to find out how the Friendster exporter app works, I had time to revisit my profile, review all my photos and inspect my (remaining) active friends in the site.

One unique feature of Friendster is the testimonial section.  It allows you to chronicle, memorialize and reveal fascinating character descriptions of connected friends.  If utilized properly based on its intended purpose, it is one stunning feature that could tickle a person’s affection.

Hence, before the original Friendster wraps up and reconfigures into a different format, let me preserve those heartwarming testimonials that were posted and written about me by incredible friends.  These are truly the type of precious gifts from friends that I would like to receive other than their ATM cards with pin codes…

suzette cuerpo (the empress of the sea)

Posted by Suzette Cuerpo last October 16, 2005

Neil…ummmm…what can i say?…his profile says it all…MASARAP, indeed.
The coolest person I have ever known…never siyang nagalit (namumula lang ang tenga)…fun to be with…a great listener…advisor…a perfect people person…sa taong ito, vow ako! kasi, exactly my exact opposite…i just hope he will not implode (ehehehehe)…   Take care Neil…see you around.

mimi quibedo (the arab heartthrob)

Posted by Mimi Quibedo last November 8, 2005

Si Neil????? ay sobrang bait, masayahin, open minded and higit sa lahat super dooper

mike navor (the dandy daddy)

Posted by Mike Navor last May 11, 2006

Neil is a friend who knows all about you, and still likes you.
A real friend who walks in when the rest of the world walks out.
He hears the song in my heart and sings it to me when my memory fails.
I keep my friends as treasures because of all the things granted to us, none is greater or better than friendship…To you my best friend more success and happiness in life. Keep the smile in your heart. coz it shows the radiant spirit you have.

karen teotico (the crowned princess of armidale)

Posted by Karen Teotico last June 2, 2006

I am sorry guys but Neil is not as delicious as you think he is. BUTTTT!!! This guy is SOOOPERRR sa lahat ng bagay. Neil (or HR to me), is super sarap ksama, super friend, super bait, super thoughtful, super cool, super sipag, super generous, super professional, super kulit, super gumimik,super magyosi at kung anik anik pa. There is never a dull moment w/him for you can talk to him about any topic u can think of. He can be super formal one minute and mega crazy the other minute. He can be ultra mega formal pero jologs din at the same time. Weird ba? Di rin coz thats what makes him special. Mere words could not express how much i love this guy. I am truly blessed to have met Neil in this lifetime….O cya cya tama na ang bola at baka maiyak ka na jan sa kinalalagyan mo) 😉

joy reyes (the duchess of gaiety)

Posted by Joy Reyes last June 29, 2006

NEIL LANGIT… the HRD Manager but most of the time a Psychiatrist!!! He brought back my sanity after so many years (chef onil knows why, too. Hahaha). He’s my idol. He’s a good teacher, adviser, writer (especially the “however / on the other hand / moreover in his memos :p), and dancer (he’s always I think of when I hear this song “Time goes by so slowly… Every little thing that you say or do I’m hung up. I’m hung up on you. Waiting for your call, Baby, night and day. I’m fed up. I’m tired of waiting on you. Yea, the famous 2005 Madonna song. Take note: he danced this twice). He is very intelligent combined with perfect light and flawless skin that make him oh so DELICIOUS!!! La la la la!  By the way, I enjoyed reading your “pechay blog. Anak ng pechay! Ang galing mo talaga!!!

nene tizon (the baroness of chastity)

Posted by Nene Tizon last December 11, 2006

Aaayyy!! okey my delicious Sir Neil kakaiba very SMART talaga! Though sumpungin but super bait yan very broad, understanding and i like when he laughs todo bigay. Siya ang una kung nilapitan to ask for advice when i applied to where i am now.Thanks for that Sir! Di ko makakalimutan ang isang tulad ni MR. NEIL LANGIT.I love this guy. Updated ako sa blogs nito kasi i always enjoyd reading it. What more can i say tulad ng dati kung Testimonial sa kanya na nadelete cute na suplado but basically mabait talaga!!!!!

rosemary ferriol (the bollywood maharani)

Posted by Rosemary Ferriol lasy January 26, 2007

si sir neil sya ang tipo n nag papa seminar n hid ka aantukin dahil ang galing nya at laging my patawa effect p..sya rn ung sir n hnd mo kakatkutang kausapn kc kalog sya at marunong mksima at nkkpg join sa amng mga staff.

O sige! Geym! Prendster mag-sara ka na!