Getting Flipped Over Flip Stavy Videos

As a way of showing huge gratitude to this adorable Canadian (with Greek descent) guy for loving the Philippines so much, let me feature two of his enjoyable videos on my blog.  I have been so captivated by Flip Stavy’s YouTube videos which features his fondness and adoration towards the Filipino language, food and people.

First is a very funny video, which I guess, only Flips can laugh about.  I always find it so cute and hilarious when human beings born of another tongue would utter Filipino expletives.  Stavy looks so innocent and so clueless making this video a riot! And by the way, the genius dichotomization and extraction variations of the invective ‘put*ng in@’ at the latter part of the video is so brilliant.

But here’s a Filipino language vocabulary video of Flip Stavy discussing about family.  I never thought of Filipino genealogy labelling in this very cool manner.  How I wish my Filipino teachers taught me my language in this very refreshing style.

Flip Stavy’s adorable videos would not have been possible without his Filipino buddy whom he calls Pao-Pao.  I hope Pao-Pao would stay as friendly and supportive as he is now to Stavy.  He definitely exemplifies the Filipino’s in-born warmth and hospitality.

‘Tang ‘Nang ‘Yan! Wi lab yu tu Stavy!