That Liberating Feeling Channeled by Queen Madonna

I may not be aware but as far as I know, I don’t curse.  Uttering expletives and swearwords is really not my cup of tea.  That is why while I was watching the first night of Madonna concert (Rebel Heart Tour) here in Manila I was surprised and was in disbelief by Madonna who generously peppered us with the “Mother F” words.  It initially felt awkward.

What is even more uncomfortable is that Madonna wanted us (the audience) to answer her questions in the affirmative by shouting “F@#k Yeah!” It was indeed super unpleasant at first.  But as the show develops to become more spectacular song after song, answering Madonna with such profanity seem so liberating.

I was like un-caged for a while and did not care who would react to such profanities that I was blaring.  And since everybody was in such a happy mood and because everybody else is doing it, no one cared, no one got offended and no one was hurt.  And that is the beauty of being able to scream out something that is unusual yet astonishingly redemptive and unshackling.

liberating aside from being spectacular!

liberating aside from being spectacular!



My shouting “F@#k Yeah!” that night actually became a bit of therapeutic.  It is because I was luckily able to channel and vent out all my worries, anxieties and desperations in my screaming!  I did not seem to care what Madonna was asking her audience but when it was time to respond and shriek with the rest of the spectators, I was pouring out all my angsts!

Madonna’s Rebel Heart tour I guess lived up to the title of the concert.  My heart indeed became temporarily rebellious from the norm because my civility would seem fly out the window every time I shout to respond to the Queen.  But the cathartic effect of screaming expletives that night was really comforting in the end.  No, I did not changed by starting to utter expletives from now on,  but that night, I left the concert cheering and ecstatic yet deep within me I was feeling calm, quiet and free.

I don’t know if my troglodyte-like writing and relaying these thoughts makes any sense but my shouting “F@#k Yeah!” that night was indeed one unusual liberating experience!

Pak Ya! Hahaha!

Getting Flipped Over Flip Stavy Videos

As a way of showing huge gratitude to this adorable Canadian (with Greek descent) guy for loving the Philippines so much, let me feature two of his enjoyable videos on my blog.  I have been so captivated by Flip Stavy’s YouTube videos which features his fondness and adoration towards the Filipino language, food and people.

First is a very funny video, which I guess, only Flips can laugh about.  I always find it so cute and hilarious when human beings born of another tongue would utter Filipino expletives.  Stavy looks so innocent and so clueless making this video a riot! And by the way, the genius dichotomization and extraction variations of the invective ‘put*ng in@’ at the latter part of the video is so brilliant.

But here’s a Filipino language vocabulary video of Flip Stavy discussing about family.  I never thought of Filipino genealogy labelling in this very cool manner.  How I wish my Filipino teachers taught me my language in this very refreshing style.

Flip Stavy’s adorable videos would not have been possible without his Filipino buddy whom he calls Pao-Pao.  I hope Pao-Pao would stay as friendly and supportive as he is now to Stavy.  He definitely exemplifies the Filipino’s in-born warmth and hospitality.

‘Tang ‘Nang ‘Yan! Wi lab yu tu Stavy!