I Missed My Locale

This morning while the tropical sun is still mild, I dragged myself out of bed and decided to step out to give myself some pretty good cardio drill.  And while taking a break to catch my breath every so often (no thanks to the pandemic) only then did I realize that it has been a year that I have gone outside within the local vicinity where I live.

So in between the fast walks and jogs, I would stop and take a number of photos of the area.  It was the morning that I got to appreciate the aesthetic attractiveness of the spots and places where I live.  It felt like I missed my locale!

manila morning



i love this minute jungle in this part of the city

In the past, I have always been the kind of person who would rather chuckle and laugh at strangers (visitors and tourists alike) who would marvel, appreciate and take photos of the areas near my place.  I have been so used to how my nearby vicinity looks like that I find it weird for strangers to admire and gape at the charm and appeal of the area.

a cool morning in manila

And when the morning started to get too hot and while I walked my way back to my unit, I realized that people need to leave in order to miss their place and had to travel so as to realize how precious and beloved one’s starting point was.

Have a beautiful day everyone!

Pokemon Go is like LIFE

One observation that I realized while playing Pokemon Go is that there are two categories of players.  One category are those who are simply lucky while the second category are those players who needs lots of perseverance so as to level up in the game.

Those I consider fortunate are the ones whose place of stay are within the range of a Pokemon Stop or Pokemon Gym.  While those who has to struggle by walking or driving around to locate a Pokemon stop or gym are the ones who were not blessed enough by the heavens of Pokemon gods.  It can therefore be deduced that playing Pokemon Go is simply like L.I.F.E.

Some were sanctified with the divine providence and need not endure the labors and struggles of life. These are the same as the Pokemon Go players who seem bored with the game for it posts very simple challenges because Pokemon Stop or Pokemon Go ranges are placed right above their roof.

slowly but surely

slowly but surely

wow! that was a long walk

wow! that was a long walk

On the other hand, others needs to battle it out with life’s circumstances so as to achieve fortune, prosperity or even simple joys that life has to offer.  These as the same Pokemon Go players who needs endurance to walk around and be exposed to various environmental elements so as to locate a Pokeon Stop or Pokemon Gym.  And I guess, these are the same players who cherish every Pokemon characters that they find so as to add up to their Pokedex.

It’s unfortunate though that in both domain – that is the Pokemon world and the real world – I am ill-fated to fall in the second category.  I live in a place where I have to walk far so as to reach a Pokemon Stop or a Pokemon Gym.  And I am part of the world’s population who has to scuffle, battle and tussle with life’s circumstances so as to achieve what I need to achieve.

This makes me realize that in the category that I belong, playing Pokemon Go is difficult but finding a Pokemon and levelling up in the game is definitely sweeter.  And just like in my real world and in the true game of life, my achieving and winning if compared to those who were born richer and wealthier is definitely sweeter!

Hay buhay!

Three Immediate Benefits of Playing Pokemon Go

It is official!  I am part of the world’s population who has been bitten by the Pokemon Go bug.  And my avatar is aptly called Nengkoy (of course!).

It’s my third day of playing this massively popular game.  And at this early point in time, I can already identify three major benefits of playing Pokemon Go.

stylish pokemon go avatar... appropriately named NENGKOY

stylish pokemon go avatar… appropriately named NENGKOY

First, playing Pokemon Go entails lots and lots of walking.  Thus, I will be consuming lots and lots of unwanted body fats and calories so as to search around for those lots and lots of elusive monster Pokemons.  As a matter of fact, according to my Samsung S Health isometric app, I was able to achieve my walking goals on the first 2 days of my joining and playing this game.

a PIDGEY found inside my unit trying to fit my Marc Jacobs slippers...

a PIDGEY found inside my unit trying to fit my Marc Jacobs slippers…

Second, playing Pokemon Go requires the use of mobile phone’s Global Positioning System (GPS) as well as the aptitude in reading maps.  Aside from, being able to appreciate the architectural, historical or cultural value and significance of sites chosen as PokeStop, my poor navigational skills will have no choice but to improve and be sharpened so as to search for those hard-to-pin-down Pokemons.

Lastly, it’s fun!  This I guess need not be explained.  Pokemon Go will not be explosively popular worldwide if it ain’t fun at all!

Magtago na kayo! Let da geym begin…

Treadmill, Mayonnaise, The Speed of Sexor Reprise and Olly Murs

57 cal

57 cal

Though the commencement of my having to go on a diet will still be on Monday (January 5), my return on going to the gym has already started last January 2.  And according to the treadmill digital meter my thirty minutes of alternate brisk-walking, jogging and speed-burst running lose me an amazing 214 calories.

Though 214 calories is only equivalent to four tablespoons of mayonnaise, I nevertheless was glad to have started the year in a somewhat correct corporeal fitness disposition.

Good thing I have with me the songs of Olly Murs and Tiga in my mobile music hub.  Their upbeat tracks made me so immersed with my exercising…


From among the four I identified in the title of this post, mayonnaise seem the only negative.  Unfortunately, it’s the cheapest and easily available among the four.

Lecheng meyoneys yan.

Acid Rain On Treadmill

treadmillI don’t run.  I brisk walk.

Brisk walking is one great exercise.  It makes you healthy. But brisk walking outdoors in a place called Metro Manila would actually make you more sick than healthy. The air is so polluted it would be stupid to jog or brisk walk outside.  And if tough luck besets upon you droplets of acid rain may even infiltrate your lungs making you even more prone to illness.

That is why a Metro Manila inhabitant like me would rather settle to go to a gym and do my brisk walking on a painfully boring treadmill.  Let me be clear that I do not detest Metro Manila the way I have grown to detest the treadmill with growing hatred.

Brisk walking on the treadmill is a mental game for me.  Aside from shaping up my delicious mortal chassis, brisk walking on a treadmill for me is an exercise of mental toughness.  It is because brisk walking on a treadmill is so god awfully boring.  There’s nothing more dreadful than seeing the seconds count down and being fully aware of how much time is still left and the calories you have shred off was actually just equivalent to a spoon of mayonnaise.

To ease the agony of boredom and win the battle against this mentally tormenting machine, I have sought the service and assistance of musical artists particularly of the dance-electronic genre. Now I shape up and step on a treadmill with matching beats.  My walk has gone interesting since the pacing and distance of each stride depends on the beats of the music on my earphones.

Music of Alexis Jordan has been an often tune in my playlist every time I step on the treadmill.  She’s got great selection of songs with varying fast beats.  The most recent one that I truly enjoy listening to is ironically entitled Acid Rain.  This is the Acid Rain that will definitely not hurt at all. Now, boost up the volume and start listening!

Lakad na!

Bunot Exercise Work Out

the native floor polisher

A lot of contemporary studies reveal that the cause of this generation’s obesity is due to modern technology.  People nowadays has very limited physical activities for they spend considerable amounts of their time in front of a computer or a state-of-the-art gadget.  Add to this are the sizeable amount of growth hormones injected on various foodstuff which the people of today consumes – noxious fried chickens, lard infested French fries, vein-blocking hamburgers and the likes.

But let me add another imposing reason why the citizens nowadays are plump, corpulent and overweight.  This is because bunot is no longer available in the market.  The ever reliable coconut husk commonly known as bunot used to polish our household floorings may it be made from cement, of natural stone or of fine timber virtually vanished and seems to have been wiped out in all our nearby stores.

No thanks to the invention of electric-run floor polishers, floor washing robots, wood polishing chemical formulas and lamella-layered veneer flooring tiles because we no longer exert the physically demanding effort of polishing manually our floors.

Polishing the floors then was such a calorie-burning episode! First, is to sweep the floor to get rid of dusts and small boulders that may be present on the floor.  Then, manually wiping the floors with bars of floor wax using a cloth, then, setting it for a couple of minutes for the wax to dry up.  Then, the severely demanding “pagbubunot” or pushing back and forth the coconut husk against the floor lodged at the palm of your foot and using the other foot to firmly step on the floor to maintain balance.  To maintain the multiple polishing movements of the legs and feet, the arms and shoulders needs to be of the opposite swaying movement while the body’s torso needs to maintain a 90 degree angle against the horizontal floor. Polishing is done using your foot and your leg pushing the bunot back and forth until the desired gloss and shiny-ness of the floor has been achieved.  Describing and writing how “pagbubunot” is done already makes me sweat!!!

I suppose bunot is basically one of the reasons why the generations in the past are sexier, leaner and are well in shape even if there were no expensive fitness centers in the past and liposuction procedures were yet to be invented.  Possessing a plump belly and flabby humps were something that is rather rare among the populace in the past.

So, if every citizen on this planet wants to keep fit and wants to achieve a lean, slim and sexy body, I propose that “bunot” be reintroduced back in all our nearby retail stores.  Besides, it’s earth-friendly, ecologically conservative, green and biodegradable.

Bunot lang ang katapat ng bilbil mo, hindi pasta.