Dory and Doris

There are two interesting and colorful characters I knew after watching two heart-felt movies this quiet weekend.  One is a blue fish who is suffering from short term memory loss while the other is an old lady who is diagnosed with compulsive hoarding.

The blue forgetful fish is Dory from the movie Finding Dory (voiced by Ellen De Generes) while the loony yet passionate old lady is Doris from the movie Hello My Name is Doris (played by Sally Field).

I can totally relate to both characters!  It is because aside from their being single, loveless, perky and fun, both are serious mental cases.  And after watching both movies and trumpeting explosions of laughter, one thing is for sure, I adore both characters!finding dory

doris 2Though Dory and Doris may have different issues in their lives, one similar aspect in the wide spectrum of their being is that both are searching for their own self-sufficiency, individuality and life’s happiness. Both characters through their story relays that it is okay to make mistakes and that the search for joy, identity, and self-sufficiency can sometimes be achieved through some unique and unexpected ways.

Dory and Doris are some potent characters who will pull you out from your comfort zone so that you can move on to the next chapter of your life.  And because of these, it’s indeed so nice knowing Dory and Doris!

Kaloka ‘tong dalawang ‘to! 

Excited Over Doris Miller

After reading all the bad reviews of Batman Vs Superman (there is even a spoiler in which the film killed my favorite childhood superhero), I would then rather watch this…

hello my name is doris

It looks hilarious!  I love Sally Field, she has been one my favorite Hollywood actresses.  Honestly, I’m excited on how this story would end.

I gotta to see this!  And to all those who in some way has a bit of an obsession towards a younger person living in the present generation…. Raise your freaking hands!!!

Kakaaliw! Kakareleyt? Kakaeksayt!