A Snake Thing

Which among the creatures of the animal kingdom that you fear most?  The animal that provides irrational trepidations.   The beast or creature you don’t know why you dread the most.  I got one.

It would be the snake.  I don’t know why, but the mere site of a snake gives me discomfort.  If virile, macho big guys can hit the highest note known to mankind when they encounter spiders, my vocal stamina can be tested by the mere site of this reptile.

Oftentimes, I don’t remember my dreams but each time I dream about snakes, I can always recall it when I wake up.  I haven’t touched a serpent and I don’t have plans of holding one.  I don’t know why I abhor and fear the poor snakes. 

And I don’t know why I am including a video of my cooking Snake Beans Adobo in this blog post. Hahaha!  Maybe it is because while cooking this dish, I am reminded of my fear of the said animal.

I know that the heavens will not place snakes on mother earth if it does not play a significant role in the ecosystem.  Regardless, I will not hug a black mamba or a king cobra any time soon but will instead run my fastest at the sight of one.

Oh, and by the way the Snake Beans Adobo was heavenly.  I guess it is the only type of snake that I can personally deal with.

Ja Ja Ding Dong and a Eurovision Movie Parody

Since I have been watching and looking forward to it for the past 5 years, I pretty have much of an idea about a European subculture known as the Eurovision Song Contest.  I can say that I am one of the very few Far East Asians who is aware about Eurovision.  In fact, I have written a couple of blog posts about it. (Click here post 1, post 2, post 3, post 4 to prove it).

Because of this pretty adequate idea about this spectacular European annual event/contest, I indeed enjoyed and had a good laughter while watching the Netflix movie Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga.

I thought at first that it was some sort of a documentary of how a band and a song was developed that eventually garnered the highest point in the contest sometime in the 1970’s.  But after seeing that it stars Will Ferrell, it made me realize that it would be something funny and comical.

And I was right when I was already laughing at the side-splitting scenes of the film.  It was a riot!  I was so thankful that I have a pretty good idea about Eurovision that is why I appreciate and enjoyed the movie so much.  My enjoyment and amazement were amplified when I saw some of the previous contestants and winners rendering some precious song numbers in the movie.  Even the campy queer vloggers who would discuss about the contest every year in their vlog were in the movie.

And since the movie is about the fortunes of an inept Icelandic band, Fire Saga who got the chance to fulfill a lifelong dream when they were selected to enter the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest, the songs sang in the movie were indeed Eurovision-worthy.  These songs were so like the Eurovision entries in the past: big, provocative, motivational, emotive yet very eccentric.

I particularly loved the song Husavik.  If this song is an entry in the actual contest, it would indeed garner decent number of votes from the judges and the public.  Lion of Love is so funny yet so Eurovision! Volcano Man is one fitting example of an eccentric Eurovision representation.  Since the movie is delightfully funny, I am particularly in love with the song Ja Ja Ding Dong!  In fact, the scene where the way it was requested to be sang in the movie was so hilarious!

The movie was a fantastic funny parody about Eurovision and I indeed was laughing! I love it!

Honing My Sixth Sense Through Beauty In A Bottle

stars of beauty in a bottle: angeline, angelica and assunta (photo grabbed from starcinema.abs-cbn.com website)

stars of beauty in a bottle: angeline, angelica and assunta (photo grabbed from starcinema.abs-cbn.com website)

Perceiving the unseen world of angels, ghosts or elements from a different plane and dimension is not my sixth sense.  It is because what I consider as my sixth sense is my sense of humor.

And this has recently been sharpened and utilized when I recently laughed so hard inside a cinema.  It is because of the Tagalog/Filipino movie Beauty In A Bottle that stars Angelica Panganiban, Assunta De Rossi and Angeline Quinto which I, Nengkoy and thirteen other members of my family watched.

Beauty In A Bottle is the type of movie that you would not mind in the end if it was good or bad.  But what matters most was the spending of considerable amount of time having a good laughing spell.

The movie flutters basically about the old principles of ‘inner beauty’ and ‘self-esteem’ hilariously being paralleled to having smooth skin, young age, desirable diction and attractive body.  I don’t remember when was the last time I laughed this hard on a Tagalog/Filipino movie.  It was a riot!  It was so funny I was having pits of persistent laughter even by simply seeing the movie’s video loop ads when we were already out of the movie theater.

But if I deeply assess what the movie waves about, maybe the reason why my sixth sense had a good workout is because I can relate.  The very same hardships that the main characters in the movie are having trouble about – the rekindling of “the young and beautiful you” – are the very same troubles that I have been irrationally minding about.  The theme is so close to my being!  I was like laughing at my own reflection!

Laugh at yourself! Hone your sixth sense! See Beauty In A Bottle!

Laping trip ang peg!

Ate Gay: From Basilica to SM Arena

super funny ate gay

super funny ate gay

The first comedy bar that I have been to was more than 2 decades ago.  It was in (the now defunct) Basilica, an old house turned into a comedy bar located in Malate.  I can clearly recall that one of the night’s hosts during that time was Ate Gay who was wearing Darna costume introducing herself as the Nora Aunor’s version of Darna (though Nora never was a Darna character).

Ate Gay (Gil Morales in real life) was a total riot during that night.  He sings, acts and speaks sounding truly like Nora Aunor. He sang Laura Branigan’s upbeat “Name Game” song in a slow ballad-ic way ala Nora Aunor style. I and my friends so enjoyed that night, it paved the way for us to often visit comedy bars which starts to flourish within the Malate area during that era.

ate gay on mid air

ate gay on mid air

But last night, after more than 2 decades, Ate Gay has moved to a much bigger venue.  I guess ten thousand times bigger than Basilica.  He packed the humongous SM Arena!  And as anticipated, Ate Gay’s repertoires continue to be riotously hilarious.  The gut-busting short film at the start of the show and when she entered the stage harnessed across the end of the venue, I knew the concert would be a blast.

ate gay doing mash-ups with his friends

ate gay doing mash-ups with his friends

His adorable Darna monologue is still there and it remains exceptionally humorous.  His skill at mixing up various tunes and lyrics received hysterical uproars from the audience.  He is one great genius on extemporaneous mash-ups.  His incomparable declamation entitled “The Door” was also featured which when delivered by others would for sure not be as funny as that of Ate Gay.  Of course, his camp impersonation of Philippine showbiz icon, Nora Aunor, has always been a side-splitting classic.

What I like most about Ate Gay is that he does not need to mock and deride other people to make people laugh.  He actually ridicules himself (his wardrobe, his looks, his voice, his English and even his mole) to elicit laughter from the audience.  He is unassuming, self-effacing and was never “boastful”.  Being able to laugh at one self without conceit and pretensions makes Ate Gay an excellent comedian.

Grabe ang sakit sa panga sa katatawa!