Kicking Yule Cat’s Ass This Year: Christmas Shirt for 2014

Icelandic legend has it that anyone not dressed with brand new clothes on Christmas Day would be devoured by the ferocious Yule Cat.  Though my family is not from the Nordic country of Iceland, we do observe the tradition of wearing new clothes during the festive Christmas Day.

More than five years now, my family has kept a somewhat different variety of tradition in terms of wearing new clothes on Christmas.  It is because we opt to be wearing the same design of clothing every year during Christmas Eve.  Call if uniform, call it a costume or call it regalia but this tradition has kept us in a way to be more bonded as a family.

And every year, it takes weeks before the final color and design will be agreed upon.  Knowing how liberal and outspoken each and every member of my family is, it comes not as a big surprise that there were lots of funny debates, hilarious deliberations and side-splitting discussions on how the style and design would look like.

A way of kicking the Yule Cat’s ass this year, my family opted for a vibrant baby pink color shirt with a somewhat retro chocolate brown design print.  Here’s how it looks…



i love it!

i love it!

Sino ba ‘yan Yul Kat na ‘yan? Pusang gala lang yata ‘yan!

Dress Code in Heaven?

Resorts World Casino at Genting Highlands in Malaysia refused to accept fashionably dressed people in their establishment.  I was in my premium Japanese-branded spring/summer ensemble – three-fourths cut sleeved plaid shirt matched with rust-colored twill shorts, trendy almond-toed gray loafers and of course premium branded underwear – all in extra fine cotton fabric when I was refused entry.

The security at the entrance door refused me entry because according to him I was in shorts cut above the knee.  While being reprimanded, I wanted to answer back the uncouth obsolescent security officer that shorts cut below the knee are sooo ‘90s!  The security officer and the Genting Highlands management in itself do not realize that the cost of my chic and trendy shorts would probably be more expensive than the gown worn by the lady who entered before me at their starting-to-dilapidate entrance hall.

Too bad, Genting Casino refused me entry simply because of my chichi-looking shorts when in fact I was all ready to splurge millions of ringgits in their establishment which in a way can help rehabilitate their somewhat old and outmoded facilities.  Instead, me and my colleagues settled for the nearby Starbucks.

inside the church in kuala lumpur

Later in the afternoon, I joined my colleagues’ plan to hear the Holy Mass celebrated in one of the few Catholic churches in Kuala Lumpur.  I was hesitant to join at first because I might also be refused entry because I was still in my chic fashionable shorts.  I thought that if hell (the casino) can refuse me entry it is by all means that heaven (church) would definitely not allow me in.

But while making my way under the roof of heaven here on earth no one frisked or stopped me.  And when I was regenerated by prayers and while stepping out of the church, I realized that heaven is truly more fashionable than hell.

Kaya mag-shorts kung plano mo ng mamatay.