Royce Potatochip Chocolate: The Ultimate Snack for a Cheat Day

Now that I am back to going to the gym after more than 6 months of hiatus, I am also back to having a cheat day.  And for the initial salvo in this very important moment of calming my cravings, I will eat a snack that contains all of the elements that a fitness trainer forbids.  It is a snack that will ultimately resolve my one week old wicked cravings! Carbs, salt, sugar, fat!

I will devour the outrageously delicious Royce’ Potatochip Chocolate.  This unique and incredible snack is a combination of salty potato chip and rich chocolate.

japanese snacks never fail to amaze me...

japanese snacks never fail to amaze me…

What I like most about this snack is that the potato chip is not fully coated with chocolate.  The uncoated side of the chip results to the brackish flavor of this snack.  Perhaps, if the whole chip is choco-coated, the unique saltiness would not be achieved.  Thus, for every chip that you munch you would experience the fleeting sense of saltiness but would eventually mix up to the precise sweetness of the rich Royce’ chocolate.  This amazing sensation to the palate makes it a truly unique snack.

wicked ration for the next cheat day!

wicked ration for the next cheat day!

The only problem that I have with this snack is that it can extremely be addictive.  It will take a lot of will power not to consume everything in one sitting or to save some so as to munch in the future cheat days.

Sobrang makasalanan ang chibog na ‘to! Pero grabe sa sarap!

Banana Choco Lava Cake by Lorenzo’s Way Greenbelt

When dining out, I always consider the dessert as the main course.  I admit, I love dessert and I have the biggest sweet tooth ever!

You may not know it yet, but if you happen to be in the Greenbelt area in Makati City Philippines, one superb dessert can be found at Lorenzo’s Way.  And I strongly suggest discovering what you might have been missing! It’s called Banana Choco Lava Cake.

It is the type of dessert that would not overwhelm on the first bite.  It has just the right amount of sweetness.  It’s a warm, moist chocolate cake that would make you feel like it just came out of the oven surrounded by a creamy sauce topped with thin slices of caramelized bananas!

banana choco lava cake

it’s insanely delicious!

It’s the type that would make you crave for more every time you have a bite.  This dessert is so unbelievably yummy!

Mapapamura ka sa sarap!

Call of the Flesh

I am weak.  That’s true.

I am weak in defying temptations.

But I try my best to be strong.

I am fighting hard, refusing to accept the call of the flesh.

I know I can. I knew I can. But…

When Beth (an officemate) showed me her M&M chocolates, I was astounded.  It’s of a unique powder-blue colored coating!  It’s the Spring Selection variant.  I failed to control my urge to ask for some! And some more! And some more!!!

Diyosko, nanghihina ang tuhod ko. Ang sarap!