“Nuwebe” Inside The Sleep Cave

CCP Little Theater

CCP Little Theater

For me, few of the most sleep-inducing places on earth are the theaters of the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP).  It has autumn-like indoor temperature that makes you want to hibernate.  It also have super soft comfy seats, an easy-to-the-ear acoustics as well as relaxing lighting facilities which would make you drift off faster.  It is one big sleep cave!!

Therefore, if I watch a show in CCP it needs to be very good, interesting, entertaining and/or thought provoking for me to stay awake.



With this thought, I actually almost fell asleep while I was watching the Cinemalaya 2013 New Breed entry entitled Nuwebe.  It has an interesting plot but the director seemed to have missed on how to impart and expound on the attention-grabbing material.  It was a lame creation.  Some loopholes of the movie were actually being laughed at by the audience.   The only redeeming quality of the movie was the superb acting by the lead character played by Jake Cuenca.

I was about to fall asleep when credits at the end of the film started rolling.  I did not clap my hands and I simply stepped out of the CCP theatre… silently snoring.

Kaantok… Zzzz…

A Spectacular Jellicle Ball in Manila!

My delicious body just attended the marvelous Jellicle Ball!  Thanks to Mrs. Eugene Billones and her family who chose me to be one of the recipients of a ticket to see Cats (The Musical).  We were seated at the balcony’s “high-end” parterre box next to the reserved box for President Noynoy Aquino (but he was a no-show!). 

Though I am not fond of the storyline, after watching Cats, I no longer wonder why this show is considered the 2nd longest running-show in Broadway!  It was awesome, it was colorful, it was pure entertainment!!!

The Manila run was an all-international cast except for Lea Salonga.  That is why I got a bit teary -eyed when a short Tagalog translation of Memory was sang by one of the foreign actors during the opening of Act2.  Everybody was surprised and was not expecting this little add-on or exclusive revision of this famous Broadway show.

The dance numbers were breathtakingly spectacular.  I was amazed by the double-windmill dance moves of Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer.  But the character who most impressed me when it comes to sensational dancing was Mistofelees!

Though the character of Lea Salonga being Grizabella (The ostracized Glamorous Cat) sang the most popular song in the show and Lea’s voice is the clearest with understandable words being sang, I particularly most enjoyed watching the introduction of Skimbleshanks (The Railway Cat) to the Jellicle Ball.  Skimbleshanks number was fun, the dance was very playful, the song sounds young and the props used were very innovative.

All in all Cats in Manila was fun, fun, fun!!!

Por syur, walang daga sa CCP ngayon… Meow!!!