66 Perry Street, Manhattan

the "now-iconic-apartment" address

the “now-iconic-apartment” address

66 Perry Street, Manhattan is my most desired apartment destination on my on-going New York adventure.  This is because this is the very address where an open-minded and independent New Yorker with unique fashion sense lives.  Her name is Carrie Bradshaw.

66 Perry Street, Manhattan is the very apartment where Carrie would write the various relationship spectrums she would deal with in life.  These relationships would focus on herself, her colleagues, the people of New York and of course her friends.  Their names are Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha.

picture muna

picture muna

the perry street neighborhood...

the perry street neighborhood…

carrie bradshaw

carrie bradshaw (not my photo, of course)

66 Perry Street, Manhattan is the very apartment where deep contemplations were carried out.  It is also were the moments Carrie’s happiness as well as loneliness were assessed.  This is where the complicated and entangled situations with the love of her life are pondered upon.  His name is Mr. Big.

66 Perry Street, Manhattan is the now-iconic-apartment where I and a young friend Amiel (sweet kikay niece of Jhong) went to so as to take a photo of ourselves to prove that we indeed were big fans of the movie and tv sitcom series Sex And The City.  Other apartments were equally gorgeous (if not more than gorgeous) and were without the restrictions to step on the stairs.  Channeling our inner Sex And The City vibe,  we of course took the chance to pose and take some photos…

photo shoot from nearby apartment (1)

photo shoot from nearby apartment

nearby apartment photoshoot (2)

who are the people in your neighborhood???

Glitz en glamor ang peg…