Dami Im Sings Classic Carpenters

I can still vividly remember the first time I owned a cassette tape of the Carpenters.  My father during my elementary days brought with him from Saudi Arabia (he was an OFW starting late-70’s) a Sony cassette player.  And along with the small player are cassette tapes of Tom Jones, Dianna Ross, Boney M, Don McLean, The Eagles, Carly Simon and of the Carpenters.  And that was my first exposure to the beautiful songs of the Carpenters.

Three and a half decades later, I am but glad and happy to know that Dami Im, now my favorite Australian singer, has a new album.  And it is her take, tribute and covers of one of everyone’s favorite, the Carpenters.

grabbed from dami im''s fb page

grabbed from dami im”s fb page

the next song is dedicated to myself… hahaha!

What I particularly love about the songs of the Carpenters are the tunes and melodies.  Each song are simple and unpretentious.  It’s unlike those grand and complex songs in which only few people could sing.   And though Dami has one magnificent singing voice, her rendition of the Carpenters songs were just lovely and uncomplicated yet very sophisticated.  The melody, the rendition and the tunes are easy and pleasant to the ear, I could listen to Dami Im’s Carpenters version all day.

Sarap pakingggan…