Treadmill, Mayonnaise, The Speed of Sexor Reprise and Olly Murs

57 cal

57 cal

Though the commencement of my having to go on a diet will still be on Monday (January 5), my return on going to the gym has already started last January 2.  And according to the treadmill digital meter my thirty minutes of alternate brisk-walking, jogging and speed-burst running lose me an amazing 214 calories.

Though 214 calories is only equivalent to four tablespoons of mayonnaise, I nevertheless was glad to have started the year in a somewhat correct corporeal fitness disposition.

Good thing I have with me the songs of Olly Murs and Tiga in my mobile music hub.  Their upbeat tracks made me so immersed with my exercising…


From among the four I identified in the title of this post, mayonnaise seem the only negative.  Unfortunately, it’s the cheapest and easily available among the four.

Lecheng meyoneys yan.