Classic Pudding

My palatal experience and taste for the Classic Pudding has come a long way.  It progressed from being derisory to being lavish.  My lunch today with Nengkoy and a few of my relatives at Medley Buffet in first-class hotel Okada Manila made me realize this. 

Superb buffet here at Medley Buffet, Okada Manila

When my sister Joie took a heap of the Classic Pudding as her dessert, I told aloud that Nengkoy (my mother) at one occasion made a Classic Pudding when we were still very small.  Nengkoy upon hearing this smiled and nodded her head.  But what is so memorable with Nengkoy’s Classic Pudding I told Joie is that it was made from left over breads most especially from the staple of the Marcos regime’s feeding program in the ‘70s called Nutribun.

I can still recall that Nutibun given to us students in the 70’s were so big, so dense and were so filling.  It was so compact, that if you fail to consume it and let it stand for a day it will turn so hard, eating it would be next to impossible. I remember not eating those bulky Nutribuns and instead bring those home.  This kindled the parsimony and thriftiness in Nengkoy.  Instead of throwing away those rock hard Nutribuns, I remember she turned it into a hot delicious Classic Pudding. 

with niece bebang and nengkoy

nengkoy! enjoying her medley buffet experience

my bowl of classic pudding

After telling that story, I excused myself, went to the abundant and over-the-top buffet area of Medley Buffet. I also took a big bowl of their Classic Pudding for my dessert.  While enjoying my dessert and washed it down with champagne, I silently reminisced about the taste of the pudding Nengkoy prepared for us when we were still kids in the seventies.

Parang walang pinagkaiba anf pudding ng Okada at ng Nutribun. Yummy! Hahaha!

Self Indulgence at Market Cafe

Some go on travel, some sleep all day, others go on shopping spree. Some would have a make-over, some would spend the whole day at a theme park, others would have a relaxing massage. These are various ways on how people would treat and pamper themselves.

There was no celebration and there was nothing to commemorate, yet I and some of my colleagues decided to indulge in a sumptuous lunch buffet! Aiko, the gentle bloke among all of us happen to own a BDO credit card that provides 50% discount promo at New World Hotel Manila’s Market Café. And since we believe that we deserve for some little treat, we all agreed to avail of the promo!

pig out gang!


happy tummy! sulit!

All of us deviated from our respective regular breakfast so as to ready our respective bellies to the epicurean event!

We were all happy and pleased by this gastronomic indulgence. The price of the buffet though half-priced is not cheap that is why we truly made sure that it was all worth every penny that we paid for. In fact, we were actually the last group to leave the restaurant! It was so funny because almost all of us turned nauseous because of being so full.

On my way home, this episode made me realize that little pleasures like this get simple people like us get through the everyday grind. Simple people like us, definitely deserve to lead a full and happy life!

A Grand Gourmet Experience


spirals, sofitel manila

It was one unforgettable pre-Christmas dinner as well as post-birthday celebration of my nephew Denden.  I and my family were in Spirals, Sofitel Manila last night.   Spirals is the country’s biggest and widest array of culinary delights with 21 interactive Ateliers.

For me the best features in the buffet were the mouthwatering Chinese Dimsum; a raw bar of sushi and sashimi; the wide array of artisanal cheeses (inside the much raved about cheese room); the juicy steaks at Churrasco; the paneers and tandoori; and, of course the unlimited Foie Gras.

Though this was not my first time to dine at Spirals I still get so overwhelmed, I failed to take photos of the buffet.

the staff probably knew that i have a crazy noisy family we were billeted inside a vip room

sofitel staff probably knew that i have a crazy noisy family, we were billeted inside a vip room

me and nengkoy loved this bread...

me and nengkoy loved this bread…

a view from the hotel lobby

a view from the hotel lobby

No wonder Spirals at Sofitel this year was chosen as the Best International Buffet by the prestigious Manila’s Best Kept Restaurant Secrets (MBKRS Awards).