Cutest & Bravest

At a very young age, I knew how it was to be very sick.  I was too sickly, I could be considered a regular “customer” of hospitals.  If hospitals and clinics would have a promo like Starbucks – earn enough points to get your free coffee on your next visit – I would be one who can easily earn the required hospital points to avail of a free confinement in the next visit. 

i remember this! my elder sister took this photo and i was just discharged from (as usual) the hospital.  too weak to smile! hahaha!

During my childhood, nurses and doctors are no longer surprised to find and see my name on their medical charts.  Nengkoy (my mother) in fact have loads of stories and anecdotes about her experiences in hospitals and during medical emergency situations that involves none other than, me.

I know how it is to be very very sick.  That is why every time I see a young child at odds and is battling an illness and medical circumstance, my heart would just melt.

I am in tears when I encounter this trending news about John Oliver Zippay, the young kid who battled and won a war against cancer.

The video washed my eyes!  I am super happy for J.O. (his nickname).  What is good to know is that aside from being sickly at a young age, both I and J.O. were tagged “STRONG” by our respective fathers.  The hashtag in J.O.’s GoFundMe page created by his dad was #JOStrong.  My Tatay (Dad) on the other hand named me after Neil Armstrong.

got this from cnn photos!  super happy for this boy! so brave, so brave!

There’s one big difference though between me and J.O.  Aside from his infectious charm, the difference is that J.O. is the cutest and the bravest!

Bravery From The Barnacles Of My Consciousness

osaka train station

I do not fancy myself as a particularly good person.  I know that I exhibit myself as a big façade of guts, courage and dauntlessness ready to suck the marrow out of life.  Being a person that I am whose been living by myself for the last one and a half decades, I have always believed that if things are not right, there is nobody else but me to put things right.  I don’t know if I should be proud that my fearlessness is my secret weapon.  Or think that this belief is one of my fatal flaws.

By living by myself, I don’t have the choice but to be brave.  I know that this is such a cheesy sentiment, but honestly, I need to be brave.  I need the courage to fight the creatures that I have to fight, may it be the monsters beneath my bed or the invisible ogre who pulls me down.  I need to be brave so as to heal the failures of the past and get ready to navigate away for the would-be-wounds of my future.

I know I have lots of great reliable friends and loving dependable relatives but at the end of the day it is but me whom I should depend myself on.  I am responsible for my own misery and at the same time my own welfare and happiness.

This post is so tacky and so old -fashioned, it makes me barf!