Now If I am Bong Revilla

Ramon “Bong” Revilla Jr. is a high school graduate who never stepped into a college education whose level of charisma to the Filipino psyche is seem to be unknown and unheard of in the universe.  And because of such chutzpah in appeal he landed at the number 1 spot in the 2010 Philippine senatorial race.

Bong was however detained due to plunder charges amounting to 225 million pesos worth of kickbacks.  And in the still of the night and to every body’s surprise, he suddenly was acquitted but (and still surprisingly) was asked to return the money he supposed to have stolen.  The cunning guy however promised not to return it.

bong revilla… (photo captured from

Now comes 2019.  Bong inched his way on being a senator again.  The biggest popularity contest of the country made Bong a senator again landing (as of this writing) at the 10th spot.  Social media however has not been very good to Bong this time.  On my Facebook newsfeed alone, Bong seem to be the epitome of futility, idiocy and absurdity.  Netizens abhor him! 

And those who voted for him, at this early point in time, are being blamed for the would-be-further-downfall of the poor Philippines.  They are branded as tanga, engot, tongo, bobo and di nag-iisip all of which if translated to English would mean dense and dim-witted.

I myself did not vote for that felon, I mean fellow.  But now if I am Bong and now that I am again a senator, I would do my very best to prove to all those who bashed me that I am worth the Filipino’s precious vote.  I will commission the brightest and the most dependable thinkers and shakers of the land to develop laws and policies for me that would benefit the majority. I would ensure that the safety and security of the minority and the oppressed are looked and cared upon.  I will also tap the best image and marketing consultants who would try to switch and modify my very tarnished image.  I will definitely use all my earned and plundered money to pay for those who are needing education, housing, medical care and all other basic needs of my fellow Filipinos.  And lastly, I will stop dancing the freakish dance step I did in my TV ad campaign.  I will prove to all criticizers and whackers who posted, liked and heart-ed in Facebook that they are all, with un-writable expletives, WRONG!

The problem is (in my contemplating tone)… I am not Bong Revilla.

i am not bong!

Pabasa nyo nga ‘to kay pogi!

Bongga! Mama Mia!

Every night since January 24 of this year, every time I would step out of my veranda buckets of drool would come out of my mouth.  This is because from my veranda I could see the Cultural Center of the Philippines lighted up in its full glory welcoming the excited spectators of the fun and global smash hit musical Mama Mia.

But tonight, I stopped drooling because just this afternoon during its matinee run, I, Nengkoy, my elder sister Gaying and nephew Luis had the awesome opportunity to see and watch the spectacular show. Performed no less by the international touring U.K. cast and production.

The show features more than 20 songs of ABBA that is intricately lined-up and positioned together to create a cohesive musical storyline. ABBA is a popular Swedish pop group which I and my siblings grew up listening to during the ‘70s.  Because of this, I was literally singing along in every song in the repertoire. “Take A Chance On Me”, “The Winner Takes It All”, “SOS”, “Money, Money, Money”, “Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!”, “Super Trouper” and “I Have A Dream” to name a few.

thanks Ate for the treat : )

When ABBA smashed global hits in the ‘70s Nengkoy was basically of the same age I am now.  Thus, Nengkoy no doubt was also enjoying the pure fun musical.  For me, that’s what mattered most, me and Nengkoy enjoying the musical together.  Nengkoy was literally dancing on her seat when ala-concert style performance was done on the last 3 songs of the show – “Mama Mia”, “Dancing Queen”, and “Waterloo”.

Add to the popular music are the marvelous ‘70s inspired costumes, excellent stage lighting as well as the impressive revolving stage which makes the musical even more incredibly amazing.

I was swept away at the finale when the female lead character shouted “Thank You Manila!” and asked the audience in Tagalog, “Gusto nyo pa?!!” (You want more?!) in thick British accent.  The audience certainly shouted, “Yeah!” in heavy Tagalog accent.  She then shouted “Bongga!!!” – a ‘70s Filipino slang meaning fab, groovy and marvelous  – and started singing and gyrating along with the rest of the cast to the tune of “Waterloo”.

Mama Mia is no doubt a fun-perfect musical!  I love it.