Bus Movies

On a long journey via bus what do you usually do? Are you the type who would bring tons of salty chips to nibble? Are you the forty winks aficionado? Are you the bus’ bookworm? Are you the creature who would simply gaze outside the window?  Or are you the beast who would drain your battery’s digital gizmo?

Very long travels by bus could be very daunting.  That is why a lot of bus companies try to be innovative by introducing various facilities available inside these massive roadsters – free WiFi; cool drinks and sandwiches for sale; air conditioning; toilet facility; shock-proof LCD flat screen TV with DVD player; reclining chairs, etc.  These add-on features aims to further enhance passenger’s comfort over a lengthy journey.

I have been to two long journeys via transit buses in the past week (first was an 8-hour journey to Baguio and just the other day was the two-and-a-half-hour travel to Magalang, Pampanga).  Adding up all the hours I spent inside the bus on a round-trip-basis would be a total of 21 hours.

While inside those buses, I was all the types I inquired above.  But what I noticed every time a movie will have to be played on TV inside a Filipino bus, the film has to be a Hollywood movie.  I will not rant about the pirated DVD being used by these bus companies but instead the type of movie being shown.

I guess it would have been better and my focus would have been more stuck on TV if the movie being shown were the black and white 50’s and 60’s Filipino film that were shown in the pinalakang tabing (silver screen).  The time spent inside the bus could have been more pleasant and comforting seeing the young and stunning Gloria Romero, the then skinny Dolphy and plump Panchito and Dely Atay-atayan, the bubbly Rosemarie Sonora, debonair Mario Montenegro as well as suave Rogelio Dela Rosa or Diomedes Maturan.  The Pinoy film to be shown would be at its best if, of course, the contrabida (villain) would be the wicked Bella Flores.

Further to this suggestion, it would be best if contemporary Filipino short indie films would be featured in between these classic full length movies.  This I guess would be one great vehicle for the unrecognized and undistributed yet artistic short indie films gain wider viewership.

If this fantasy would turn out to become a reality in the future, this would improve and further bind Pinoy cultural cohesiveness.  It presents the Pinoy film heritage and at the same time makes the riding public aware of the richness of the prevailing film industry.

Spending bus hours on the road could have been more comfortable and enjoyable!

Ang Tagalog ng bas ay bus.

Alumnus of the Month

I am so glad and honored that I could no longer contain my dignified silence.  Manila Tytana Colleges (formerly known as Manila Doctors College), my alma mater, has chosen me to be this month’s alumnus.  I am clueless about the college’s External Affairs’ criteria for choosing me but let me extend my deepest gratitude.

According to the e-mail notifying me about this recognition, a short narrative and a short-bond-paper sized photo of my delicious and drop dead body will be posted in one of the college’s bulletin board.

I don’t have the time to check out what the college has written, but I presume it would be something positive.  I just hope that they gave me the opportunity to write the short narrative about myself because this is what I want them to post on that bulletin board…

Our alumnus for the month of July is suffering from grandeur delusion.  He is living a life believing that he is delicious.  He supposes that he is so sumptuous that people wants to eat him.  Though his secret ambition in life is to become a sensational porn star, he climbed the ladder of success through power-mongering and was labeled the vice president from hell.

During his BS Psychology student days in the college, he was tagged as the scholar-zilla who constantly exhibits tantrums and emotional meltdowns.  He was the most annoying student during his time.  Irritating enough that he won’t answer any question during class but instead snivels, fells ill, bleats for mercy and acts like the victim.

His sense of humor sucks and has a dreadful taste in fashion.  His favorite movie actress is Bella Flores.

But seriously, let me extend my overwhelming gratitude to MTC or MDC or whatever future name you would be…

Sigurado ko,  kapag nabasa nila ‘to, tanggal sa bulletin bord ang pangalan ko…


Regular schooling will re-open and start in less than a month.  In the 80’s it is the time of the year when me and my siblings are busy collating all unused pages of our previous school year’s notebooks and stitch it together to create a new but recycled cuadernos (notebooks).  Thanks to my Lola Teray who provided us with colorful strings which we used in binding.  This yearly recycling practice enables Nengkoy to purchase only few additional notebooks which we would use for the fresh school year.

During those days, what was so chic to have as cuadernos were those with covers of popular Pinoy celebrities – Maricel Soriano with William Martinez; Sharon Cuneta with Gabby Concepcion; Snooky Serna with Albert Martinez; and (of course the ever popular) Leni Santos and PJ Abellana!  I was one of those deprived with these modish cuadernos because Nengkoy always settle for the cheap notebooks with low-grade paper quality.

True enough, I never really envied those kids and classmates who had those notebooks with celebrities in the cover.  If I would be given a chance again to relive my life’s schooldays I would still stick on choosing those recycled left-over papers bunched together and transform it into useful storage of written knowledge and information. It’s personalized; its earth friendly, and, it’s a product of precious family bonding.

my present journal

Now that I am bigger, I no longer call cuadernos as notebooks but instead dub it as journals.  Para sosyal! And now that I am older and have an extra money to spend, I would gladly and instantaneously purchase a journal whose fine print cover would be the photos of two of the greatest antagonist legends in Philippine cinema – Paquito Diaz and Bella Flores.

Cuaderno sa Ispanish, nowtbuk sa Ingles, eh ano sa Tagalog?

(Sagot: Aklat ng Nota)

Borutesu Faibu

“A generation without closure” is one label that has been associated to my generation.  This is basically linked to me and my contemporaries’ failure to realize whatever happened to the well-loved Voltes V team (Steve, Big Bert, Little John, Jamie and Mark) and the Bozanian Empire when the very popular TV show’s final five episodes were cut off the air by the Marcos regime in the late 70’s.

But because of the new technology in which almost all information is now available in the internet, I had the opportunity to finally make a closure on this long-standing delay.  Some even feel that this anime is considered to be the longest story ever told.  Thanks to Youtube and the person who uploaded the final episodes of the most adored anime series of my generation.  Hermetic seal has somewhat been achieved. 

However, there are still some silly questions that left hanging after watching the final episode:

  1.  Who did Jamie end up marrying? Will she pose sexy in the cover of FHM magazine?
  2. Did Little John outgrow the black heads on his face?  How does Little John look like as an adult?
  3. Would Big Bert agree to trim his body down as treated and sponsored by Dra. Vicky Belo?
  4. Would Mark be signed up as a Bench underwear model in its next bi-annual fashion show?
  5. Would Steve agree for a 5-picture contract with Pinoy Box Office Queen Sarah Geronimo?
  6. Are the remaining Bozanians with horns on their head dehorned by the earthlings when peace was achieved and realized in the universe?  In case they do not have horns anymore, does it mean they will never get horny for the rest of their lives?
  7. With peace being achieved in the universe and Voltes weapons are practically of no use anymore, will the Ultra Electro Magnetic Top, Laser Sword, Voltes Bazooka and Chain Knuckle be auctioned in Sotheby’s or be on display at Tokyo National Museum?
  8. Is it true about the rumor that Voltes V will do a film and their main antagonists are Celia Rodriguez, Bella Flores and (the come-back movie of)  Zenny Zabala?  There’s even a big buzz that Imelda Marcos will have a special participation at the end to relive her family’s power of killing Voltes V! 

 These questions may seem to belittle the fascinating anime of my childhood days.  But one thing remains Voltes V was able to bring a generation of Filipinos (of various social-classes) into a commonality.  It created a shared experience that really brought people together.   It captivated a Pinoy breed on a story of friendship, of brotherhood, of sacrifice, of justice and of team work.  No doubt, Voltes V will always have a reasonably huge fragment in my life and the persuasive lessons it conveyed will always be remembered.

Dahil dyan… Let’s Volt In!!!

The Bella Flores Complex

Peter Pan complex, Oedipus complex, Elektra complex and Napoleoan complex are some of the eponymous psychological complexes commonly known by the general public.  But one unrecognized psychological complex is slowly emerging in Pinoy society.  It has a distinct characteristic theme that illustrates a well defined set of mental factors.

People with this type of psychological complex are described as having the compulsive need to crush other people’s dreams with a non-murdering persona.  They see cruelty as their only way to get attention.  They enjoy seeing sweat coming out of people’s pores when they exhibit their rage and fury.  They ferociously take pleasure in making other’s lives miserable through mental tactics, dark intentions and scheming manipulations.  They are obsessed with their object of slavery’s bodily parts in which they have the compulsion to make “sampal” (face slapping), “pingot” (ear pinching) and “sabunot” (hair pulling).

In conformity with other psychological complexes being eponyms (naming after a person or character) and to pay tribute to the most popular and notorious villainess in Philippine cinema this psychological complex is called The Bella Flores Complex.   

Pipingutin ko ang taong walang kilala na merong Bella Flores Complex!