Mary Jean Lastimosa, Philippines!

During the preliminary round of the Miss Universe pageant, MJ Lastimosa delivered very well.  She was a total stand out in both gown and swimsuit rounds.  A lot of fashion and beauty pageant experts say that MJ looks like she is the one to beat.

one class act

one class act

But what I was particularly impressed about MJ was the way she introduced herself.  She was unlike the other candidates who were looking too nervous or were embarrassingly screaming on the top of their lungs.  MJ was so graceful and sophisticated yet she sounded like she was in high spirits and evidently having so much fun.

Her introduction exudes confidence and was uniquely high class! Call it a new form or a fresh technique, MJ’s flair in her introduction was truly something for the books. I’m pretty sure future beauty pageant introductions will be based or patterned towards this elegant style!

May pitik sa dulo! Hahaha!


Shifting the Cheering Gear from Pope of the Universe to the Queen of the Universe

Now that the Pope is back in his quarters, still feeling the grand euphoria he felt when he was here in the Philippines, it is time for the Filipino people to cheer again.  This time it’s for Mary Jean Lastimosa, the Philippines’ candidate to the upcoming Miss Universe pageant.

WOW! (photos taken from mj lastimosa fb page)

(photos taken from mj lastimosa fb page)

From the clips that I have seen, MJ Lastimosa no doubt is the embodiment of poise, grace, beauty and fun.  Her communication skills are formidable.  When she speaks, one can’t help but listen.  Her positive aura is like sunshine and delight to all those people around her.  I particularly love her bubbly spirit.  Her megawatt smile, her seductively graceful catwalk and knockout sexy body screams “queen”!

Come pageant day, all Filipinos worldwide will surely be glued on the television and will surely cheer for her.  MJ Lastimosa definitely deserves to bring home the crown!

Mabuhay ka aming reyna!

Proving Ellen’s Fun Power for Nick the Gardener

Hahaha! Ellen’s gardener already got a movie offer!  This only shows how powerful Ellen DeGeneres could be…

Charming and now-the-world’s favorite gardener, Nick, got a call from no less than Channing Tatum to inform him that he is in the upcoming Magic Mike movie.  The adorable guy really looked moved and surprised!

obviously surprised...

obviously surprised…

Now that Nick The Gardener will be in the next Magic Mike movie, it shall be something to look forward to then.  It would definitely be a fun booster blast if Ellen would do a cameo!

Grabe ang pan pawers ni Ateng Ellen… Katuwa!

Applause for Nick the Gardener

bill reilich also know as nick the gardener

bill reilich also know as nick the gardener

I know how much it takes to achieve a hot gorgeous body.  It doesn’t only take few exercises and a good set of genes.  It takes a lot of physical workouts, a pretty good knowledge about concepts of human musculature and isometrics, good knowhow about nutrition and of course loads and loads of time, sacrifices and attitude.  And once you achieved your goal you must not stop.  It again takes loads of what I just enumerated to maintain it.

That is why I praise and applause all those human beings who were able to achieve their physical goal and successfully maintains it.

Just like Nick the Gardener.  Here’s an enjoyable clip when powerful Ellen pushed for Nick to be included in a Hollywood movie.

I have not seen the movie Magic Mike.  But after that, I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if he got at least a small part in the movie.  And because of this, it looks like there will be a pretty good chance that I will be watching the sequel.

Nick the Gardener must have worked so hard to achieve that.  Good for him!

klap! klap! klap!