Retro 60s and 70s Party Teaser

In the company that I am working for, Employees’ Night Party is held yearly.  Instead of the annual Christmas Party as observed by other companies, we prefer to hold the party after the season has simmered down.  It is because during the Santa Holiday Season out group of restaurants are the busiest entities in the metro.  We are actually the servers in others’ Christmas Parties!

And after the busy service during Christmas season, we seem to be ready for a Halloween Party because everybody looks like a zombie by the end of the season.  Nevertheless, during the kris kringle season, I would publish posters counting down the number of days prior to the day of the Employees’ Night so as to build up some excitement.


a collage of “countdown” posters i published in the office

Employees’ Night is held usually on the second or third week of January.  And every year, a theme is appointed.   This year’s theme is Retro 60s and 70s.  The styles, fashion and music of the 60s and 70s era.

Every year my co-employees looks forward to our Employees’ Night.  Almost all of employees would participate in donning in an outfit based on the party theme.  I am just as excited as the rest of them.  And to add more excitement, I created a cute video which features some of my co-employees who has lived during the cool 60s and awesome 70s…

Thank you peeps for submitting your cute cool retro photos! I love them all.  Let show everyone how an awesome party should be done.  See you at the party!

Eksayted na ko…

A Leisurely Walk at Strawberry Fields, Central Park

In my short stay in New York, I can confirm the rich diversity of people and culture that exists in that place.  No need to go to a restaurant or the high–end 5th Avenue or even Broadway to feel this.  By riding the subway you easily could witness the various race, color and ethnicities present in New York.

Because of this assortment and thick individual differences, there is no one common look for a New Yorker.  Everybody looks, sounds and smells different, which is actually refreshing.  The only common character that I observed among all New Yorkers is their “walk”.  New Yorkers walk fast!  Their gait is wide.  Their stomp is strong.  Their pace is fast.  It is so fast I wonder if New Yorkers know the concept of strolling.

bow bridge at central park, a popular and common film setting

bow bridge at central park, a popular and common film setting (i love my shot! LOL)

But there is a spot in New York where leisurely walkers exist.  These walkers – which includes me – however are not New Yorkers but instead the mesmerized bunch of tourists of the state.  This is at the Strawberry Fields in Central Park.

Considered as Central Park’s “quiet zone” Strawberry Fields is a 2.5 hectares living memorial to singer, songwriter and Beatles member, John Lennon.  The name obviously was derived from the popular Beatles song “Strawberry Fields Forever”.  Also, the spot was chosen because of its proximity to Lennon’s home, the Dakota Apartments (where he was shot and died), which was just across the west side of Central Park.

garden of piece...


happy to know that my country endorses strawberry fields as a garden of piece

happy to know that my country endorses strawberry fields as a garden of peace

lucky neil

lucky neil

One focal point of Strawberry Fields is of course the “Imagine” mosaic, which is another tribute to the legend John Lennon.  My slow paced walking in the park even becomes more relaxing, peaceful and meditative when I saw and heard a musician seated on a bench, playing a guitar and was singing a Beatles song “Let It Be”.

I was just but happy to have leisurely walked the grounds of Strawberry Fields.  That part of the park indeed has “nothing to get hung about”.  It was peaceful and very relaxing.  It was one short diversion from the fast paced walking and full packed happenings I was having in New York.

Let mi teyk yu dawn, kos aym gowing tu… Dakota Harrison!