Dear Terrence Romeo

I totally disagree with the pretext, depth and perspectives of your tweet. It is sad to note that a lot of Filipinos agree, liked and shared your unwise tweet.

Translation: To those athletes who express that we were embarrassing, we don’t care whatever you say. My team needs to support one another in the court. We cannot just disregard one another. If we are embarrassing in your viewpoint why can’t you just convert to being Australians?

I love underdogs that is why I was drawn to liking Gilas Philipinas in the past. But it is unfortunate to note that last night’s basketball game (July 2 held at the Philippine Arena against Team Australia), the charismatic underdog Gilas Team seem to have transformed into some confused and rabid mongrel.

Let me then inform you that my being a Filipino and staying as a Filipino is not anchored on how the games of Gilas Pilipinas play its game! The affairs of your team may it be compassionate or rabid towards your opponents is not going to be the fundamental foundation of my staying as a Filipino. Lastly, the size of your prefrontal cortex will not be the basis if I will stay as a Filipino or convert to becoming an Australian.

You being one of the star players of the team, guess what? A simple tweet apologizing to your fans could have been better, more mature and more sportsmanly act as compared to what you tweeted.

Ang hashtag Puso naging hashtag Balunbalunan!

A Proud Moment for Filipino Basketball Fans

In sports, a nation would normally get so proud when their athletes win a game, earned a medal or was judged a champion.  But in the recent bid of the Philippines to host the 2019 FIBA World Cup, no medal was won, no victory was claimed, neither did my country was declared a winner, yet, my country’s bid was an astounding feat that my very being was truly very much proud of.

We may have lost the bid to superpower China, but the fact remains that I and my fellow Filipinos’ obsession and adoration for basketball is unmatched around the globe.  My country in the present generation may have yet to win a major international basketball competition, but one thing is for sure, embedded in our genes are our passion and love for the game.

Though for sure the organizers recognized that we have the heart, perhaps they were too afraid that we might not have the adequate facilities and operational necessities.  They failed to realize that every Filipino would be very much willing to conjoin and combine forces and resources in attaining the needed infrastructures and technical abilities so as to achieve success in the hosting of the games.  They failed to fathom the fact that every Filipino knows and understands by heart that the FIBA World Cup is the basketball of all basketballs.  They failed to recognize that their basketball could be the seat and turning point in the improvement, progress and unification a nation.

it's in our genes...

it’s in our genes…

Losing to China after such a moving presentation by the Team Philippines during the bidding program felt like me and the rest of the Filipino people seem to have bigger hearts for basketball as compared to those of the organizers.

Too bad, the movers and shakers of FIBA seem not yet ready to feel the thunderous cheers and roaring merriment that Filipinos exudes during basketball games.    It could have been one big infectious  party around the world and it could have been one momentous history for basketball.

Tri poynt shat ang prawdnes ko sa presenteyshon! Super!

Best Basketball Cheering Squad

gilas pilipinas fans

sis-boom-ba! (photo from Gilas Pilipinas Facebook page)

Long hours of grueling drill and practice is not needed to be acclaimed as one.  Rehearsals would virtually be impossible if it would involve the whole population of a nation.  What’s simply needed is the devoted and enthusiastic ‘heart’ of everyone.

I am talking about the Philippines being awarded as the Most Valuable Fan – Best Country category in the recently concluded FIBA Basketball World Cup held in Spain.

I guess this is the first time in more than a lifetime that organizers of FIBA Basketball World Cup saw for themselves, how Filipino fans cheered in full thrill and hysterics.  I am supposing that these organizers do not watch the annual Ms. Universe pageant where Filipino viewers would elicit similar fits of frenzy and hysteria.

Considering that at the start of the game, it has been predicted that the Philippines will most likely not gonna win any game, I was not surprised that still cheering was like a party for every Philippine game.  This is simply because Filipinos are mad about basketball.

FIBA officers must have been told that the cheering shindig does not only happen inside the venue.  The immeasurable passion of the Filipinos are present at every household in the Philippines making the country deserving such an award.  The recognition actually seem so hollow and futile that other countries must be laughing at us because of such a silly consolation.  Yet I and my fellow noisy bunch of Filipinos feels so proud and honored.  This is simply because we are so in love with the sport.

O ayan! Stan ap en teyk a baw…

Warning: NBA Finals Game 7 may lead to a Job Disciplinary Action

Even if the economy is bad, a lot of people borrowed large sums of money just to place their bets.  We Pinoys are so immersed on the performance of a bunch of basketball prima donnas chasing, bouncing, passing and shooting a ball on the final game.  Each Pinoy is either a Team Lakers or a Team Celtics.

The upcoming Friday morning is not going to be a walk in the park.  Every working Pinoy citizen (who has work on Friday) has been clogged with a lot of things to update and finish this 4-day work week especially after just having an extended weekend.  But NBA finals game 7 (only the 17th time in the history of NBA) will happen this busy Friday so work on Friday morning will have to wait.  For sure, a lot will not be able to concentrate in their job and would try to peek in their handheld China-made mobile phone with TV they brought along in their place of work while being on duty trying to get a glimpse of the much anticipated final game.

Due to this, I’m sure a lot of employs may be given a disciplinary action because of the following possible office violations: 

  • malingering (for those who called-in-sick and opted to go on half-day to watch the game);
  • negligence (for those who fail to concentrate on their job because of no means to see the game);
  • deliberate slowing down of work (for those who peek into their mobile TV they brought in their place of work);
  • gambling (for those who can’t resist on placing their money bets to their preferred team);
  • deliberate destruction of office tools, materials and/or equipment (for those who can’t resist destroying an office equipment because of emotional outbursts during and/or after the game)

Here is a tip to prevent this.  Office politics will be very important on Friday morning.  For sure your boss is either on your team or comes from the opposing side.  Therefore, be creative!  If you and your boss is a fan of the same team then watching the game with him during office hours won’t be a problem.  However, if you favor the opposing team then sincerely talk him over, bring a hot breakfast or snack for him and remind him that NBA finals game is on and would love to see who would be a better cheerer between you and him during the game.  Furthermore, tell him that you would be willing to finish the pending job on extended working hours before calling it a day.

Gudlak sa maka-Seltiks at maka-Leykers…