A Beautiful Last Day of 2021

The last day of 2021 was a huge day for me.  It was one day where I got to spend a beautiful New Year’s Eve celebration with my family and at the same time being hopeful for a gorgeous year ahead.  My last day of 2021 even became more beautiful when I got the chance to visit a church so as to do a pint-sized prayer.

After realizing that my family does not have any sparklers to ignite and party poppers to snap during New Year’s Eve, me, Joy (my younger sister) accompanied by our nephew Gabby decided to head outside to purchase ourselves with some inexpensive hand-held “luces” (sparklers) and party poppers.

gabby took this beautiful photo of the church at night time (last night of 2021)

Our hunt for these sparklers enabled us to reach one of the most admired and prayed-upon churches in my country, the National Shrine of Our Mother of Perpetual Help, also known locally as Baclaran church.  Since we were able to luckily purchase our much-needed sparklers and party poppers along the gates of the church, we decided to drop by inside so as to light some candles and say our little prayers.

As usual, I lighted 5 candles. I have the habit of lighting 5 candles each time I have the chance to do it in a church or any grounds intended for prayers.  Let me reserve in my future writing what each candle symbolizes except for one.  One of the candles is an intended prayer for me: my soul, my future, my welfare, my life’s appreciation and of course my sanity. Haha!

joy & I on baclaran church grounds

lighting candles & prayers for everyone

That one candle was also intended for my personal wish in the coming year and that is to be a little sunshine for everyone who I get to encounter, may it be through personal encounter or through my substandard and tawdry writing. 

Happy New Year and may every one of us be a little sunshine to someone this year!

Lighting Candles

Not regularly going to church to attend the Holy Mass is something that I am not definitely proud of.  But aside from dipping my index and middle finger in a bowl of Holy Water upon entry and exit, the other thing I love doing when inside a Catholic Church is lighting up candles.

candles i lit in baclaran church in the middle of the night

candles i lit in baclaran church in the middle of the night

That is why every time I have the sweet opportunity to light candles inside a church, I always light five of it.  One for me, one for Nengkoy and Joe, one for my beautiful family, another for my friends and colleagues while the last one is for the one whom I have patiently been waiting for.

For me, lighting up candles is like toting up an interactive medium towards one’s prayer.  One does not simply say a prayer instead such request, petition, gratitude, supplication or wish are conveyed to the heavens with a cool and funky symbolism.