Sister Isabel’s African Adventure with God

When my elder sister (Gaying) and Nengkoy recently had some pieces of their jewelries commissioned for cleaning and polishing, they were given some giveaways by the jewelry shop.  Nengkoy kept the photo of Our Lady of Guadalupe while my sister handed over the giveaway book to her son, my nephew Luis.  I however snatched the book from Luis telling him to let me be the one to read it first and will just hand it to him after I’m done.  Luis joked that I might develop itchiness and skin rashes while reading it because the book was written by a Catholic nun. 

The book laid on my dining table for some considerable weeks already.  Still, quiet and unmoved.  Two reasons why it took me some time to start reading it.  First, it was written by a Catholic nun and I was not ready to be preached about some Catholic dogma.  Second, it was written by a Catholic nun, therefore it’s going to be so boring.

But as soon as I decided to scan and read the initial pages of Life On A Mission by Sr. Isabel Villacarlos, I no longer stopped and dropped it until I finished the very end part. 

When asked how she survived all the challenges of her mission,

Sr. Isabel answered, “one must have a major in Faith,

a master’s in Hope and a doctorate in Love.”

Life on a Mission chronicles the adventures, quests and journeys of a Catholic nun in north western portions of Africa.  Sister Isabel can be considered one extra ordinary nun.  She learned to ride a camel, dealt with poisonous snakes, drove a truck,  fell onto a bridge while driving a car, assisted in delivering babies and battled a storm are some of the highlighted adventures of Sr. Isabel in the book.

I guess being a travel addict myself made me stick to reading this book.  But the beauty about the experience of Sr. Isabel in Africa was that she was able to reveal and uncover the presence, manifestations and attendance of God in her adventures, which for me is such a cool thing!

Life On A Mission may not be a bestseller, but it is one remarkable book that definitely deserves more!

Wala akong masabi sa adbentyurs ni sister!

Emma De Guzman: The Army of God

I just had one of the most extraordinary experiences of my life.  No I did not go to any posh place or meet interesting people in person or tasted the best cuisine in this planet.  I simply just finished watching the most extraordinary series of documentary videos available on YouTube.

The 11-part documentary is about the astonishing occurrences in the life of Emma De Guzman, an Overseas Filipino Worker who was chosen to be the army of God.  The videos were posted in August 2010 yet only seem a few has seen it.  Popular videos would ordinarily hit millions of views but these video series hardly hit the 5,000 views mark.

The video is about the personal encounters of Ms. Emma De Guzman with the Blessed Virgin Mary, with Lord Jesus Christ, with the Holy Saints and Angels.  Her divine encounters and the extraordinary physical manifestations – having facial glitters or escarchas, precious stones emerging out of her face, pieces of the Crown of Thorns popping out of her forehead, fresh stemmed roses emerging out of her chest, the stigmata she had, her writings of the scriptures written in the popular Greek language during the time of Jesus, angel’s feathers, etc. – gave me the largest goose bumps that my body can afford.

I was at a total awe when she recounted how the Blessed Virgin Mary taught her how to properly pray the Rosary, how she saw Jesus in a small chapel and how she gleefully described the Saints that she met.  I completely admire her for not questioning the Devine on the tasks given to her.

But what moved me most is how simple, ordinary and remained down to earth Ma’am Emma is as a person even after she has been chosen as an instrument of God as well as the uncomplicated principles and messages she relayed to those who would have the rare opportunity to watch and listen to her in the video.  I confess that I cried so hard while watching these 11-part videos.

I know that I am blessed to have accidentally bumped into this documentary.  I am so astonished that I have to write and share these… Watch it in YouTube and have your heart be open as well.  Simply type and search for “Emma de Guzman Documentary: The Apparition of The Blessed Virgin Mary

Love you Lord at mabuhay ka Mam Emma… : )