A Quiet Gem Known As Luljetta’s Hanging Gardens

I have one complaint about the recent adventure I had with some friends.  It’s about the place where we had a short weekend holiday.  It’s about Luljetta’s Hanging Garden!  My complaint is about my camera’s inability to capture the beauty and serenity of the place.

fun time with mj, jb and willie

fun time with mj, jb and willie

swimming by the mountain cliff

swimming by the mountain cliff

Knowing that it’s near Manila I set my standards low for Luljetta’s Hanging Garden.  But as soon as we arrived, this darling of a place simply became a big surprise.  The peaceful mountain environment and the invigorating fresh air were some of the things visitors can savor about.

I never knew that such a quiet gem exists just one and a half hour away from crazy Metro Manila.  Here’s one fun video which I guess failed to capture the unhurried, gracious and breathtaking beauty of Luljeta’s Hanging Garden.

Luljetta’s Hanging Gardens is a mountain resort located at Loreland Farm Resort in Barangay San Roque, Antipolo City.

Akalain mo? May ganun pala sa Antipolo?

Eggs For Breakfast in Antipolo

Breakfast is the most important meal in my universe.  I basically would not function well if I happen to skip breakfast.  That is why every time I got to encounter a great breakfast experience I will definitely have to write about it.

If Marikina City got Rustic Mornings and Alaminos City boasts about Celia’s Café, Antipolo can definitely rave about their Eggs For Breakfast.  This tiny all-day breakfast joint at the tail-end of the Sierra Madre mountain range is definitely huge in terms of serving pleasant breakfast dishes!  Though it’s quite difficult to locate if you wish to snub the benefits of using Waze or Google Maps, this hidden gem in Antipolo is indeed worth a visit.

the breakfast gang!

groupie of the breakfast gang!

it was worth the visit...

it was worth the visit…

My friends settled for the classic Filipino breakfast items, that is, Beef Tapa and Longganisa dishes served with rice and eggs while I opted for the American classic Buttermilk Pancakes with Eggs and Bacon.  And judging from my order, I knew that this café is a good café.  It is because I exactly got what I ordered.  I just wanted fluffy pancakes with bacon and eggs and I got fluffy pancakes with bacon and eggs.

buttermilk pancakes with bacon and eggs

buttermilk pancakes with bacon and eggs

has fun with one pan breakfast

has fun with one pan breakfast

As if like testing and challenging if this café is indeed a good café, I decided to order another set of breakfast dish.  For my second round of breakfast, I ordered for the fancier, heavier and seem to be a popular dish of the joint which everyone seem to be ordering.  Eggs for Breakfast’s version of the classic full English breakfast which they call One Pan Breakfast!

One Pan Breakfast further verified our delight and enjoyment of the place.  Though everyone are already full after finishing their respective orders, we were still able to finish the One Pan Breakfast in a breeze as soon as it was served on our table!  Yum yum!

nice one...

nice one…

Eggs For Breakfast isn’t the most spacious and comfortable café to laze but the quirky interiors, the delightful ambiance, the pretty alright service and of course the tasty breakfast dishes were indeed worthy of a visit.  I am just glad to know that a cozy and delightful breakfast joint does exist in that part of beautiful Philippines.  I will definitely visit again!

Itlog para almusal…