Unquantifiable Love

Sixty long years ago a proof of an unquantifiable love was perched.  Sixty long years ago my parents, Nengkoy & Joe got married inside a church.

Nengkoy & Joe sixty years ago.  Happy anniversary Nanay & Tatay!

Today, I realized that my big moments, my little talks and even my silly laughs in the past with Nengkoy & Joe were all unquantifiably special.  I terribly miss both of them.  But June 9 this year is more than special.  It is because it is the first year that this gorgeous couple are celebrating their wedding anniversary together in a stunningly beautiful place called Heaven. 

Nengkoy & Joe may no longer be here but knowing that they are finally together gives me peace.  Nengkoy & Joe may no longer be here but they were my proofs that unquantifiable love does exist.  Nengkoy & Joe may no longer be here yet my unquantifiable love for these two beautiful souls will forever persist. 

Ten Year Anniversary of My Morocco Adventure

Ten years ago I clearly remember we were all praying and wishing to own the coolest Blackberry phone.  It was the time when lifestyle magazine editors were the arbiters of taste telling readers what to see, shop and do.  Now our lives are ruled by the social media influencers!

me 10 long years ago inside our budget hotel in casablanca

Ten years ago, Alexa, Bixby and Siri may just be the names of your neighbor’s pets.  Now they are your reliable artificial intelligence who can help you with your missions and commissions.  It was also the time when watches were simply used to tell time and you have to manually count the number of steps you had for the day and need to go to the doctor to monitor your calorie intake.  Now these 3 aspects are just minor features of your smart watch!  

In fact this blog, ten years ago was still being powered under Friendster Blogging site prior to my switching to WordPress!  I switched/transferred Nengkoy blog to WordPress in 2011.

Ten years ago was my first long haul adventure out of the country.  Ten years ago was my Morocco adventure!  Though I spent my Morocco exploits with Australian friends, this was my first solo airplane long haul experience!  This I guess gave birth to my loving going solo on travels abroad.

me with joesel, the travel-savant

sahara dessert adventure!

inside a tannery in fes

And can you just imagine how backward technology was during that time?  So solo travel then was more difficult and more challenging.  Internet info then was a bit limited. I can still remember the countless times I personally called Qatar Airways to inquire and ensure that there is no transit visa needed during my lay over in Doha.

I have no idea about the existence of mobile wifi then!  Though internet was existing already, I clearly remember that me, Joesel and Charles had to go the nearest internet shop inside a medina so as to connect online and message love ones from other parts of the world. 

My cellphone was okay then but the camera I was using then was the compact digital camera type! Chinese has not invented selfie sticks and gorilla pods during that time so can you just imagine how we take turns in taking our photos and smiling on camera multiple times so as to get the best selfie angle?

a rest day at merzouga

casablanca mosque

Ten years ago, my Morocco experience was the start of the expansion of my viewpoints of the world.  My learnings of the world were no longer just sourced from the pages of the book I read.  It was the time when my comfort zone was ultimately tested.  It was the adventure that made me realize that I can actually do and accomplish things I never imagine I could do.  It was the start of my different way of growing. 

Wow! It was actually ten years ago and no way will I forget my Morocco adventure!

Ten Silly Thoughtless Years

Ten years.  That’s how old this bloody blog is gonna be on Monday, June 20.  It’s 3 years that I ran this blog over Friendster (a defunct social media site) and seven years powered by WordPress.  It’s been ten years of silly and imperative writing, meaningful and thoughtless expressions, fun and boring adventures.



I know that though ten years old, this blog has yet to become massively popular.  But popularity and making me a big time blogger is really not my objective of writing what I write and wrote about.  I am in fact responsible in half of the views of this blog!

Nengkoy, the blog, is simply about who and what I am.  This little space in the worldwide web has actually been an avenue to reveal some senseless, trivial and pointless secrets about me.  Thus, here’s the tenth year anniversary song of this blog.  This song is sooo me…

No I’m not gonna stop blogging yet.  But let me thank all those who find time reading my posts.  And I hope that though you’re not learning anything from it, you nevertheless been enjoying it.  Cheers!

Sampung Taon ng Kalokohan! Salamat sa lahat…

An Okay Eight Years

This blog has not put healthy food on the tables of poor families neither has it placed a roof on the top of their heads.  Others actually find these writings a big BS. But I am proud to convey that this blog today has been running for eight years already.

It initially ran for three years under Friendster (an extinct tacky social media site) and then transferred to WordPress.com five years ago.

I know that the pieces of writing that I have done for the last eight years are just but okay.  Those are not remarkable neither awesome posts.  But being okay is still remarkably and awesomely fine.  Besides, not all people had the chance to chronicle their life’s snippets, encounters and experiences the way I just did for the past 8 years.

walong pampa-swerte (8 lucky charms)

walong pampa-swerte (8 lucky charms)

I really don’t know if this blog is aligned with my soul’s purpose and how this blog will be to me in the future.  It has never been that clear.  Although I wish it would, I am not expecting such vividness will come that soon.

But what is so imperative about this blog is that it has been a truthful expression of myself.  It may not have maxed out my being a human being, but nevertheless, this blog has displayed a segment of who I am, what I am and why I am.

To those who found time reading my posts in the last 8 years, let me convey a massive thanks. Though there will still be a lot of spiky attitude, let me promise that in the future, there would be more gratitude.

O sha. Tama na drama. Salamat sa pag basa.

7th Year Blogging Anniversary

sevenTruth be told.  This blog started in June 20, 2006 under a blogging service of Friendster.com, a defunct social networking site, which became most popular in the Philippines.  Then I eventually fully migrated directly to WordPress.com in June 18, 2009.

It’s been seven years and I’m glad to say that I am happy to have maintained this blog up to now.  It’s been a great way of sharing my thoughts so let me take this opportunity to thank you for your visits and taking time to read my posts.

To celebrate the 7th year of this blog, here’s the classic Sesame Street pinball animation featuring the number 7.

Dyaske! Pitong taon na ang blog na ire!

Nengkoy Blog: 6th Year Anniversary

According to my dubious computation based on the mathematical formula of space-time distortion combined with quantum mechanics, the total number of posts in this blog since the time it started is actually equivalent to a very short period of time as compared to an average yet more popular blog.

Putting it in simple words, the number of posts in this blog is too few.  Reason? The only time I post a piece of writing is when my leisure time has a leisure time.

Still and all, I am proud that this blog managed to reach considerable years of existence.  Today, June 20, 2012 Nengkoy (blog) is six years old!

me & nengkoy with 6 reindeers…
each reindeer represents a year of this blog

Let me thank all those who looks forward in reading a post in this blog; those who clicked the “like” button at the end of each post; those who took time in writing a “comment” at the comments section; and, those who cared to follow this blog.  You just don’t know how delighted I am every time “interactive” occurrences happen in this piece of blog.

Thanks and happy reading!

Anim na taong kalokohan, ka-engotan at kaartehan… Salamat! : )


Greet Me

To all the highly astute readers of this blog, I am here to shamelessly demand for the single and most precious thing you can ever give me other than you first-born child, your PIN code to your ATM savings account card, or your virginity.

Nengkoy – The Blog recently celebrated its 5th year anniversary! It only means that I have been sharing and writing a little piece of my soul for five long years already and I don’t intend to stop this madness yet.  So to all breathing people who reads this blog: Greet me!

Tenk Yu! Ang kumontra… chaka!

4th Year!!!

This blog is not very popular.  This blog has not received any recognition.  This blog has few readers.  This blog stinks and is out of this world.  But this blog is 4 years old, or 29 in dog years.  And I don’t have plans of stopping yet!  I fairness, I think I made some pretty nice articles over here.

Four years ago, I let the world know that I am a “blogger”.  At that time I had no idea where this would take me or what would do with it, all I knew was that I has some crazy ideas to share.

It’s not every day you turn 4 years old.  In fact, it is only one day ever, and that day is today for Nengkoy – this blog!  Whether you come to liken this site or totally hate it, here’s to a healthy fourth year.

Apat na taong kabaliwan!!!

Thanks Ref!

Forty eight years ago, owning a television or a refrigerator is very rare in a Pinoy household.  During this era, clean drinking water in the Philippines is stored in a tapayan (a huge and heavy clay jar) for it to get refreshingly cold.

Also forty eight years ago Nengkoy said the magic words “I Do” to Joe inside San Rafael Parish Church in Pasay.  Yes, June 9, 2010 celebrates the 48th wedding anniversary of Nengkoy and Joe (my mom and dad).

I still remember the hilarious moment when I was still a little kid, my brothers and sisters curiously asked my dad what made him fell in love with Nengkoy.  He would jokingly say… “kasi merong refrigerator sa bahay ng nanay nyo kaya ko sya niligawan at pinakasalan!” (It’s because there’s a refrigerator in your mom’s house that is why I pursued and marry her).

I know my dad was joking but thanks to that refrigerator!  If not for it I would have not been born and live a ‘delicious’ life! Thank goodness Nengkoy did not just own a tapayan!  Hahaha!

Kung nagkataon, walang delicious na tulad ko ngayon!