A Snake Thing

Which among the creatures of the animal kingdom that you fear most?  The animal that provides irrational trepidations.   The beast or creature you don’t know why you dread the most.  I got one.

It would be the snake.  I don’t know why, but the mere site of a snake gives me discomfort.  If virile, macho big guys can hit the highest note known to mankind when they encounter spiders, my vocal stamina can be tested by the mere site of this reptile.

Oftentimes, I don’t remember my dreams but each time I dream about snakes, I can always recall it when I wake up.  I haven’t touched a serpent and I don’t have plans of holding one.  I don’t know why I abhor and fear the poor snakes. 

And I don’t know why I am including a video of my cooking Snake Beans Adobo in this blog post. Hahaha!  Maybe it is because while cooking this dish, I am reminded of my fear of the said animal.

I know that the heavens will not place snakes on mother earth if it does not play a significant role in the ecosystem.  Regardless, I will not hug a black mamba or a king cobra any time soon but will instead run my fastest at the sight of one.

Oh, and by the way the Snake Beans Adobo was heavenly.  I guess it is the only type of snake that I can personally deal with.

A Pointless Chicken Adobo

One worry and hesitation that I have when posting a write-up on this blog is that readers won’t get anything – a point, a learning, a realization, a wisdom – from my writing.  Non-sensical, worthless and throwaway posts already abound in social media.  Lots of it can actually be seen on Instagram and watched on YouTube (in the form of absurd senseless vlog posts).

But let me be brazen this time by posting a short ridiculous clip of my cooking a chicken adobo, the national dish of the Philippines.

I have posted in the past my first-time cooking of a pork adobo (tagged as New York Style Pork Adobo) so let me then include my experience on my first cooking the poultry version of it.

Pointless as it may seem, this Chicken Adobo clip actually garnered 52 likes and 195 views in my Instagram.  And by the way, my average Instagram likes is only 21.

It looks good right?  It tastes awesome too! Anyway, thanks for reading this nonsense of a write up and I hope you encounter in one way or another some pretty good amount of light bulb moments in the course of the day.

TED Talk about a New York Style Pork Adobo

I don’t cook but if I am to give a TED talk, one possible topic that I would discuss would be the event when I cooked Adobo.  A pork adobo for that matter.  It is because this is the first time ever that I cooked such a Filipino dish and this happened not in the Philippines but no less than the high-end, well-heeled and sophisticated New York.

I would talk about the feelings of anxiety on how such ingredients would end up being edible and be fit for human consumption.  I would talk about the various moods I felt when I was being instructed to the point of being obligated by my friend (Jhong) on what to do as well as the tips on how a perfect adobo would be like.

jhong at times square, my preferred venue for my pork adobo TED talk

jhong at times square, my preferred venue in case my TED Talk talk will become a reality


Super Sid and the secret ingredient

Super Sid and the secret ingredient

me at jhong's crib, the birthplace of "new york style pork adobo"

me at jhong’s crib, the birthplace of “new york style pork adobo”

I would talk about the joys of learning how supportive another friend (Sid) became and gave a cooking-adjustment-advise during the duration of my cooking when the dish is turning to become salty and tough to the bite.  I would talk about the pleasures of slow cooking and low-fire culinary technique as well as the innuendos of having to wash the dishes while waiting for this amazing dish to cook. I would talk about the thrill of discovering the secret ingredients that I learned so that the dish would be considered the best adobo ever.

hilaw pa

hilaw pa


luto na. tadah! new york style pork adobo

luto na. tadah!
new york style pork adobo

I would talk about the ecstasies, the bliss and the delight when friends considered my first time Adobo to be such a great adobo dish!  We all finished it!  Jhong even brought some to his office as a “baon” (packed lunch).

And by the way, I’ve tagged this adobo as the New York Style Pork Adobo.  I’m pretty sure, I would gain standing ovations and be invited to various TED talk events and venues if I would talk about it.  Even Mr. TED of TED talk, whoever he may be, for sure would love my pork adobo.

Naka-tsamba lang ng masarap na luto gusto na kagad mag-TED tok. Hahaha!