Abe’s Farm Is Like Next To Someone

I know that being next to someone is the ultimate favorite place of everyone.  But if a spot that is about 2.5 hours drive and you no longer cannot count the number of times that you have been there, does this mean that such a place is also one of your favorites?

the compulsory posing! hahaha!

This will be short…

Abe’s Farm, a quiet staycation venue at the foothills of dormant volcano, Mt. Arayat, north of Manila is the place.  For me, Abe’s Farm is one of those perfect getaway places where one can just stay quiet, have a short social media detox, simply breathe and relax.

A perfect add-on to this is the food that they serve.  Situated right in the heart of Pampanga, the culinary capital of the Philippines, Abe’s Farm food offers what one can call an assault to the senses – texture, color, presentation and of course taste.

happy eating! yum!

Yeah. I gave myself some short quiet break.  And just this weekend I am again at Abe’s Farm.  I guess Abe’s Farm though not a “next-to-someone” is one of my favorites.

Colors of Abe’s Farm by a Newbie in Photography

Here is my first venture into the world of photography using only my iPhone as my tool as well as the wonders of photo apps, Instagram and Camera360.  As a newbie, I decided to start with landscape, still life and plants as my subject using only the natural light.  These photos were taken at Abe’s Farm located in Magalang, Pampanga.

You be the judge if I have the inkling and if this could be my possible fallback career…

title: wooden wheel

title: wind chimes


title: blue stones and a pathway

title: bricks column

title: modern hut

title: violet tips

But then again, Abe’s Farm is such a beautiful place any clear, sharp and on-focus shot you make still ends-up being very nice.

Konti pang praktis!