Of all Tweets, Pucha Pinusuan!

With the poor showing and popularity of my blog which I tweet every time I post a writing, I have admitted a long time ago that my blog has been a part of surplus of internet space.  My tweets in particular are a waste of Tweeter space.  It deserves a room inside a black hole at the edge of the universe.

But of all Tweets!  From the mass and heaps of tweets about John Splithoff and his bouncy song Show Me, one of the tweets he happen to have liked was MINE!


the precious tweet. hahaha!

And as soon as I was notified about Splithoff’s liking my tweet, I cartwheeled, I somersaulted and I raised my fist out into the air and shouted OMG!  John Splithoff doesn’t know how elated I am when I saw the red-colored heart on my boring, flat and uninteresting Tweeter account.


can’t believe this! pinusuan!


the artist (photo taken from his tweeter account)

Thanks John! I promise that my Spotify account will be on a repeat-single-song mode (if it has that) so as to listen to Show Me for the whole 30-minute duration of my treadmill walk at my gym tonight.

Pucha Pinusuan!

Show Me by John Splithoff

This has been my gym-treadmill-music for the past week

After hearing series of newly released songs in my Spotify account, I can conclude that music released nowadays seem to sound the same.  And this makes Show Me by John Splithoff stands out from the rest.  The beat is vibrant and the rhythm is cool!  The tempo is just perfect for those who wish to walk and lose a couple of pounds on a treadmill.

Though it may be silly, another thing I love about this release is the poster.  It’s a reminder of the famous Madonna pose!

madonna and john splithoff

Ang kul ng kantang ‘to!

Hardships of a Filipino Passport Holder

20170814_142412I want to travel to Japan (again) but my visa has expired.  That is why I am so busy trying to collate all needed documents and requirements for me to re-visit the Land of the Rising Sun.

While trying to fill out the Japan visa application form, I realized that it is hard to be a citizen of a very weak passport.  Humongous preparations are needed to be undertaken for earthlings like us so as to venture into having to experience the joys of travelling.

For other citizens with very strong passports, their first step when they want to travel out of the country is to scout for a good-priced airfare.  For Filipino passport holders, scouting for a bargain airfare would be pretty much at the latter part of the multitude of complex steps that we need to hurdle, overcome and accomplish.

Photo of specific size and background, bank certifications, tax certification, employment certification, birth and baptismal certifications, approved vacation leave certifications and correctly filled up confusing application forms are some of the obstacles that we have to undertake.

Thank goodness, Japan embassy need not schedule me for a one-on-one interview with an embassy consul.  Other embassies would even add up more requirements like a face-to-face interview, a digital photo, a biometric fingerprint record, a medical vaccination/s certificate and a good coverage of travel insurances to name a few.

Aside from being so confusing and time consuming, being a Filipino passport holder is more expensive.  On top of all these time consuming collation of necessary and obligated documents, breathing Filipinos like me needs to pay for the expensive non-refundable visa fees!

The amount of visa fee application can already be a supposed additional budget to a sumptuous dinner in a posh restaurant or a night’s accommodation rate to a first class hotel or the total train and taxi fares of the Filipino traveler to the country of his destination.   And the only assurance for Filipino passport holders applying for a visa is that they are guaranteed to pay for a visa fee, may their visa application is approved or denied!

It’s hard to be a Filipino passport holder.  We are unlike other citizens of this planet, who would simply buy their plane ticket, pack their bags, bring their powerful passport and proceed to the airport so as to catch the flight to a country of their preferred destination.


A Deserving Smash Hit of a Song: Bloodstain by Wrabel

Wrabel has yet to reach superstar status in the Philippines.  Only few people I suppose knows about him here at the other part of the planet.  I guess I’m one of the few lucky Pinoy souls who were fortunate to have discovered the poignancy of his songs.

I’m a fan and this dude deserves more.  Here’s his latest…


Nengkoy’s New Year’s Wish To Everyone This 2016


A New Year is but a couple of hours away, I would like to wish myself and the rest of the world to further develop a pretty good amount of emotional and intellectual common sense.  And may the exclamation points that we will encounter in the coming year be all physically and psychologically enriching.  And lastly, may bliss and beauty be all over the planet!

From Nengkoy and I, Happy New Year!

Heypi Niyu Yir!

Have a Haircut or Shoot Your Face

new year 2016

photo not mine…

Call it silly, call it insane.  But it has been my personal belief and tradition to have a haircut on the last day of the year.  I don’t know, but it brings me luck.

Like the Chinese, I believe that having a haircut on the first week of the New Year also cuts off your good luck that you’re supposed to receive throughout the year.  That is also why I have a haircut on the last day of the year.  But since I am thankfully not Chinese, I observe this belief every December 31.

While having my haircut, the TV set is turned on inside the salon.  News about the statistics of stray bullets hitting innocent kids all over the Philippines is rising according to the news flash.

The tradition of igniting firecrackers to welcome the New Year is supposed to be for fun and supposed to drive away the evil spirits according to some baseless belief.

smoking gun

photo not mine…

But a pretty good amount of moronic people would rather fire their guns indiscriminately so as to create a loud sound without knowing the deadly consequence it may result to innocent people who would be hit by the stray bullet.  This thoughtless act is what is silly and what is insane!

While having my haircut, I then thought of the idea that these dim-witted people should instead aim their guns to their very own faces.  This would definitely reduce the number of evil spirits of this planet.

Have a safe and lucky New Year’s Eve celebration everyone!

Itutuk mo sa mukha mo para mabawasan na ang ibil ispirit. Hahaha!

A Siopao In Kobe

Food has always been an integral part of my travels.  Though I have a limited ability to explain my wondrous experience about food in all of my travels, I try as much as possible to describe it.

Just like what I just had.  It`s about the tastiest siopao (pork meat buns) in the face of Kobe, Japan.  Thanks to my niece Erika for bringing me and my family to have this amazing palatal experience.  At first I had doubts when she told me that we should try the best pork meat buns in Kobe.

But when we reached the middle of Chinatown of Kobe, I was surprised.  I was surprised to see that there was actually a long queue and these people were patiently waiting for their turn to have the chance to enter the very small yet infamous Rosyoki store.

blockbuster!!! pila balde ang peg!

blockbuster!!! pila balde ang peg!

waiting in line

waiting in line with kim and luis (two of my monster pamangkins)

how i wish i can bring all of these back to manila

how i wish i can bring all of these back to manila


packing the taste of heaven

packing the taste of heaven

happy and excited with our purchase

happy and excited with our purchase (with erika & luis)

what a palatal surprarise!!!

what a palatal surprise!!!

Rosyoki store only sells siopao (known in Japan as butaman).  It is a bite-sized pork meat bun with taste that can actually bring you to the doors of heaven.  On my first bite, I knew that Erika and the people who fell in line were all correct.  It was one of the worthy waiting that I had to do in my life.

Walang sinabi ang asado ng mamunlok at chowking…

Greet Me

To all the highly astute readers of this blog, I am here to shamelessly demand for the single and most precious thing you can ever give me other than you first-born child, your PIN code to your ATM savings account card, or your virginity.

Nengkoy – The Blog recently celebrated its 5th year anniversary! It only means that I have been sharing and writing a little piece of my soul for five long years already and I don’t intend to stop this madness yet.  So to all breathing people who reads this blog: Greet me!

Tenk Yu! Ang kumontra… chaka!

Wailing Woman In My Room

Years ago when I was still living in the humble abode of Nengkoy, I collect CDs of various musical genres from classical Vivaldi to heavy metal rock.  Almost every weekend I would troop to a record bar to get me a new CD.  One of the CDs that I will never forget buying is the second album released by Paula Cole entitled This Fire.  This Fire is an impressive collection of songs.  It contains the hit Where Have All The Cowboys Gone; I Don’t Want To Wait the theme song from the hit TV series Dawson’s Creek; and, Feelin’ Love used as one of the soundtracks in City of Angels movie.

During those days every time I play my newly bought CD, I made sure that the volume is blaring.  It is so loud that the music could be heard in the outskirts of southern Mindanao.

In the album, the dramatic and poetic track number 6 made me rolling down my bedroom floor from laughter because of Nengkoy’s reaction.  The astounding yet underrated song is entitled Nitzsche’s Eyes.  Nengkoy upon hearing the last part of the song came nervously running and rushing up the second floor of the house to find out who was the wailing woman in my bedroom.  Only to find out that it was just the CD player running.

Here’s the great Nietzsche’s Eyes.  I recommend that you turn the volume in full blast to know and appreciate what I’m talking about.  Warning: before clicking the arrow, tell your mom first that you are to listen to an amazing song and there should be no cause for alarm.

Ol togeder now!!! — Geting dawn dis! Getting dawn dis! Geting dawn dis!

Thanks Gibo, Congrats Noynoy

The majority has decided and losing sucks! Gibo just conceded defeat against his cousin-rival Noynoy.  The thought of having Noynoy Aquino being my new president starting in a couple of weeks until the next 6 years of my life has yet to sink in.  It’s the same feeling when Erap won the presidential election in 1998.  I hope to get over this crazy feeling soon!

I would like to thank and personally commend Mr. Gilbert Teodoro for an excellent and different approach on campaigning.  It’s nothing but positive politics, with which the Pinoy population unfortunately is not used to.  Great job Mr. Teodoro!

 I just hope that with Noynoy’s presidency I will stop living the life of a 3rd class citizen of this planet.   I also hope that Noynoy will not disappoint the Pinoy populace and be brilliantly productive (this time) for the speedy development of country.  For sure I will cooperate and will definitely hope for the best!

Bawal ang tamad sa Malacañang!