Valentines & My Crooked Palm Lines

Our journey through life presents many challenges.  If we find someone to share that journey with, it opens up a totally new perspective and a whole realm of possibilities.  Lucky are those who found someone that they love and share life’s journey with.

Though people say that I don’t look one, I am already five decades old.  And though people say that I am addicted to love, by this time and at this late period of my life, I have started to accept the fact that sharing my journey with someone seem already farfetched and very unlikely.

happy valentines everyone!

If a psychic palm reader would try to peruse the lines on my hand, I guess, he would say that such palm-lines seem crooked and uncommon.   I guess my fate is simply different as compared to the majority. 

It’s Valentine’s day tomorrow and I realized that I am too old to turn crabby or cantankerous.  I have started to accept the thought that sharing life’s journey is not for me.  If such is not for me, then it is not for me.  What is important with my life’s situation now is that I simply follow my heart, I’m living my own truth, I try to enjoy life and I got a beautiful family who cares and loves me.

love rule #1: if it’s not for you, then it’s not for you

Have a sweet and beautiful Valentines everyone!

20 thoughts on “Valentines & My Crooked Palm Lines

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  2. Come on now!!! You’re just wonderful!!! I’m with You! I’m in my 50s and realize that maybe there’s someone and maybe there’s not but that’s ok. It’s really fun to feel that way, isn’t it? But….You never know!!! Sending huge hugs! Thanks for the smile You just gifted! Cheers and Rock on!!!

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  3. You have an accepting and content outlook on life. Many people are fine remaining single. My son thought that was the case for him when suddenly just before his 40th birthday love snuck up and tapped him on the shoulder. It’s okay to close a door on a chapter in your life; just don’t lock it. You never know who may come knocking, my friend. 💫

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  4. Hi how are you? Kumusta na? been awhile here in WP but I always check my followers too when online. I am looking for a new blog from you. I think I have to do new one too haha! for now just checking you all what’s up! Kitakits!

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