After close to two years of inertia, liberation seem to loom & bloom.  Covid cases in my people-filled and densely populated country is now starting to drop.

injection gives me the creeps! so obvious is this photo. haha!

 Unlike tennis superstar Novak Djokovic, I guess my government should thank me for being so cooperative, participative and supportive.  Last month I had my vaccine booster shot which was six months after I had my complete double dose of Covid vaccines.  Having my booster shot gave me confidence and a massive sigh of relief that at least I won’t die from this silly epidemic.

Keep your mask on everyone, freedom and deliverance seem imminent and forthcoming! We will all soon take it off. Excited to hug everyone! Woohoo!

22 thoughts on “Boosted!

  1. Good stuff. I’m not too bad with injections, but even so, I tried to just stare ahead while mine was being done!

    Masks are no longer mandatory here as of today, but I think I’ll carry on with mine for a while yet.

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  2. Well done to you! I had mine earlier in the month here in Australia. Hopefully, one day, we can do without the masks and the social distancing. But, until then it is better, as you say, to stay safe.
    By the way: The Australian Open Tennis is currently in play. I’m sitting at my computer and listening to Dylan Alcott (the wonderful disabled tennis player who was just nominated Australian of the Year) playing in the final. What a great champion he is! 🙂

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