Sizzling Hot Covid19 Vaccine

My post Covid19 pandemic started yesterday.  When me and my sister (being registered under our local government’s waiting list) were told that an available vaccine is available, we immediately drove up to the designated vaccination site.

Though it is sad to note that majority of my country’s populace still doubts the significance and efficacy of the vaccine, such popular yet imprudent viewpoint became advantageous on my part for getting the vaccine. 

If you’re reading this article and wonder why such meek and lowly event of getting my first jab seem such a big deal on my part, please understand that my poor unregimented country has very limited supply of the vaccine.  It is because my country at this late point in time only depends on the United Nation’s donations as well as the dole-outs sent to us by rich countries because they either have surplus of the vaccines or that their country already achieved the so-called herd immunity.

So how did my first vaccination affair went? Answer: It was hilarious, uneasy and at the same time a little nerve-wracking.  It was nerve-wracking because I hate injections! It was uneasy because the vaccination site was at an open-air public place.  With no air-conditioning and with the scorching humid heat index of 42 degrees Celsius (no thanks to climate change), me and my sister were soaked wet in our very own sweat! 

Good thing there were very few people at the venue, our papers were right away processed.   And after we were injected, the hilarious thing that happened is that both me and my sister were told to stay a little longer because both our blood pressures were shooting up! And when asked if I take medicine for high blood pressure, I answered yes.  When asked what medicine, instead of telling the name of the drug (Losartan), I uttered the name of a popular French bakeshop here in Manila (Lartizan)! LOL!

took a photo of my covid19 vaccine passport while waiting for my boiling blood pressure to ease down! beside it is my sister’s japanese fan.  underneath is a mini-towel to wipe off my super sweat!

With pocket-sized feelings of worry, me and my sister laughed instead after realizing that we were the only two who were asked to stay longer.  My sister even verbalized to the medical team present that who on earth would have a normal blood pressure at such a torrid and scorching temperature?!  After taking our blood pressure three times at an interval of every 15 minutes, both of us were finally released and discharged by the nurses.

I went home nauseous not because of the vaccine but because of the sizzling weather. I too was craving for Lartizan! 

17 thoughts on “Sizzling Hot Covid19 Vaccine

  1. The reason you were detained is simple:
    Some people may develop an anaphylactic shock that may need to be addressed immediately.
    My country – Norway – just donated 5 million dosages through the Covax-system and in time other countries will surely follow through. Please remember: Even with a vaccine you might have the misfortune of being infected, but you will most likely survive an attack! Keep safe!
    You have probably heard about ‘keeping a safe distance’, but actually there is no such thing!
    The virus will be able to infect you via ‘aerosols’ (air molecules) which are very light, very small
    and remaining in the air for a rather long time. What you need to do:
    Avoid closed rooms where people gather. If only one happens to be infected (without knowing it) he/she might infect the rest of the people in the room within an hour! (Depending on the size of the room) Please keep safe! This is no joke!

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  2. It is good that you and your sister are looking after your health. High blood pressure is no joke, and especially at your very tender age, so it is good that the medical team were paying extra attention to you. Remember to stay hydrated and add pickle vegetables to your meals to compensate. Warm wishes.

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  3. Vaccine = World Depobiacion
    • 17,500 mcg 2-Fenoxietanol (anticongelante)
    • 5,700 mcg de aluminio (neurotoxina) • Cantidades desconocidas de suero bovino fetal (sangre de vaca abortada)
    • 801.6 mcg de formaldehído (Carcinógeno, agente de embalsamamiento)
    • 23,250 microgramos de gelatina (carne molida de animales)
    • 500 microgramos de albúmina humana (sangre humana)
    • 760 mcg de l-Glutamato Monosódico (causa dependencia, obesidad y diabetes)
    • Cantidades desconocidas de células del mrc-5 (bebés humanos abortados)
    • Más de 10 microgramos de neomicina (antibiótico)
    • Más de 0.075 mcg polimixina b (antibiótico)
    • Más de 560 mcg polisorbato 80 (carcinógeno)
    • 116 microgramos de cloruro potásico (usado en una inyección letal)
    • 188 mcg de fosfato potásico (agente de fertilizantes líquidos)
    • 260 mcg de bicarbonato sódico (bicarbonato de sodio)
    • 70 mcg de borato sódico (bórax, usado para el control de las cucarachas)
    • 54,100 mcg de cloruro de sodio (sal tóxico de mesa) • Cantidades desconocidas de citrato de sodio
    • Cantidades desconocidas de hidróxido de sodio (peligro corrosivo!)
    • 2,800 microgramos de fosfato sódico (tóxico para cualquier organismo)
    • Cantidades desconocidas de fosfato sódico monobásico monohidrato (altamente tóxico)
    • 32,000 mcg de sorbitol (no se debe inyectar)
    • 0.6 microgramos de estreptomicina (antibiótico)
    • Más de 40,000 microgramos de sacarosa (azúcar de caña)
    • 35,000 microgramos de proteína de levadura (hongo)
    • 5,000 mcg de urea (residuos metabólicos de la orina humana)
    (Del libro, “Lo que las compañías farmacéuticas no quieren que sepas acerca de las vacunas” – por el Dr. Todd M. Elsner)

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  4. Congratulations! I am still waiting for my turn. FYI New Zealand is a bit late in administering the vaccines as usual short of staffs (not a lot of nurses as most of them after being resident here they go to Australia for better pay!) luckily we are covid free here but still, we cannot risk and wait longer. So good on U for thinking ahead and I agree with you unfortunately some Pinoys are afraid of the vaccine like my Tatay! 😦

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