I’m Pretty Sure Nengkoy Is Smiling

It is exactly one month today and the weeks before that was the darkest, saddest and most sorrowful period of my life.  I never imagined that the circumstances of those fretful, flustered and worrisome weeks could be felt and experienced by a human being.  I was helpless, unhappy and perturbed.  Exactly one month today was when my beautiful, charming and loving mother passed away.

This is the reason that I have suspended my posting on this blog.  It is in fact taking me a lot of guts and audacity right now in trying to write and finish this post.  There was even a period in the past weeks that I have decided to end and cease posting writeups on this blog (named after my mom’s endearing nickname, Nengkoy).  But my mother for sure would not want that.

Nengkoy: March 03, 1937 – April 16, 2021

I decided to resume writing because I know I’ve got lots of beautiful stories to tell especially tales and snippets on how lovely and delightful a human being my mother was.  I know that my simple quiet life will never be the same now that my mom is gone.  But I will try my very best to adapt and get by in this new life’s setup.

I know that my mom is watching and got the best view up there in heaven.  And I am pretty sure that she is smiling now that I have resumed my silly writing.

50 thoughts on “I’m Pretty Sure Nengkoy Is Smiling

  1. Sending on love and support for the loss of your Mom. My Mom died over 21 years ago, the last of my birth family, and I still miss her. Your Mom is still with you though, smiling down, supporting you still 🙂

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  2. so sorry for your loss. I too lost a parent almost 2 months ago and I put down my writing for a month. And my dad would want me to continue writing. He read my posts and was proud of my work. But you also need to take care of yourself. Your mom would want that.

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  3. There are no words I can convey but I want you to know how sorry I am for the loss of your mother. What a beautiful tribute that you named your blog after your mother’s nickname Nengkoy❣️. She is truly is looking down at you so proud of the man you are and the strength to carry on. That’s what all of us want for our children. I will look forward to more of your stories and adventures as you navigate grief and loss. Take good care. Also, not sure that we were or are following each other but I am now following you.
    Blessings of love 💗 Cindy

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