A Masterpiece of a Response

I have seen the Harry & Meghan interview by Oprah.  The two-hour interview was like watching a televised therapy session with a shrink.  I am not British nor American, my country is not even part of the commonwealth, so I’d rather not publish my personal take about that massive interview.

But what fascinated me more was not the protracted and controversial narrative of the couple.  I was more into the reaction published by the Queen about this interview.


It is a short, classy and dignified response.  It is firm yet compassionate.  It is brief yet precise.  It is succinct, refined and appropriate.  It is a masterpiece!

That 61 well-chosen words of a letter simply shuts, knocks and nails the over-the-top 2-hour interview done by Oprah.  The letter though short contain hopes of restitution, reconciliation and redemption.  It was unlike the Oprah interview which failed to discuss these affirmative possibilities.

Thus, after reading the Queen’s reaction, it dawned in me that I actually wasted 2 hours of my life listening and watching the Oprah interview that everybody now is talking about.  And with the Queen who is now 96 years old who still serves mankind and has to deal with this brouhaha by Harry & Meghan and with a husband who is very ill in the hospital, it can be deduced that it is actually not Harry nor Meghan who is depressed and lonely.  I think it’s the brilliant British Queen who is.

15 thoughts on “A Masterpiece of a Response

  1. Thank you for sharing!!… when it comes to emotions, feelings, possible issues, etc the Royal
    Family are no different than any other family…however, because of their place in the world, their personal life is under public scrutiny and in this case, the media is focusing on the negative things instead of all the positive things the family does…. 🙂

    Hope all is well in your part of the universe and life is all that you wish for it to be!.. 🙂

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  2. Anybody with half a clue knows the Royaly family is racist, pompous,arrogant and out dated,the family questioned the skin color of a baby who didn’t ask to be brought into this world,just to be loved,Harry ain’t forgotten his mother was murdered and then to hear not only was his wife not going to be protected,also the color of her skin was a issue,that was the final straw, queen Elizabeth is a Pimp and that whole scene is White Privilege for the entire world to see

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  3. Haven’t seen this side of the story a lot.
    I agree, that was a brilliant response. So simple yet powerful. All families have their issues, but the royal family’s issues are put in the spotlight like a reality show.

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  4. I agree with you even I have read other people’s comments here. For sure being the Queen doesn’t give your life happiness and with so many things to do and think being lonely sometimes has no space in this but hey we are all human so yes I believe she is quite lonely herself. “With great power comes with greater responsibility”.

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