Sleeping Under The Stars

A couple of nights ago before going to sleep, I opt to step out of my balcony so as to decide whether to shut my windows close and turn on the AC or leave the balcony door and windows open since its tranquil and nippy.

And while gazing at the night sky I was thrilled to see multiple stars in the heavens.

too sad my camera couldn’t capture it

It dawned in me that it has been more than a year that I haven’t seen those stars hanging from the sky.  It was beautiful.  Seeing stars in the metro sky has been so rare.  It has gone so infrequent that metropolitan folks have started to link seeing night time stars as positive signs from the heavens that their longings will soon be granted.  No thanks to the smog and pollution of the concrete jungle.

I decided not to link seeing stars to the multiple wishes that I have.  I simply smiled and enjoyed the site.  And while stepping inside, I opted to keep the balcony door and windows open.  When I closed my eyes, I realized that sleeping under the stars is a perfect way to end the night.

19 thoughts on “Sleeping Under The Stars

  1. I can so relate. Where I live the temps still dip below freezing at night, but I have been leaving the shades open so that I can awaken to the sunrise. This morning I got a special treat and caught a glimpse of a crescent waning moon.

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  2. Yes, there is so much light pollution in cities that sometimes it shuts out the stars. Glad you were able to enjoy the stars.

    I lived on the Navajo reservation for awhile. It was out in the middle of a vast land but the compound where the school was located, where I taught, had so many lights around it that even out in the middle of nowhere, I couldn’t see the stars without walking for quite awhile.

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  3. Le stelle sono magnifiche compagne.
    Noi viviamo in zona rurale, non ci sono luci metropolitane quindi si vedono benissimo, anche le costellazioni.
    Più di qualche volta abbiamo dormito nei sacchi a pelo sul nostro piazzale insieme ai nostri cani…lo spettacolo era troppo affascinante per non provare almeno una volta a dormire sotto il manto stellato.

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