Hug A Tree

In today’s chaotic world, everybody seems to have lost connection to Mother Earth.  Everybody seems so preoccupied, so anxious, so tired and so unsteady.  Here’s one beautiful tip for you to supercharge and achieve reconnection to the planet. 

tree hugger!

Breathe deeply, close your eyes and hug a tree.

27 thoughts on “Hug A Tree

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  2. You know, my friend once told me that she was so down about certain news and decided to hug a tree. She says that she will never forget the feeling of instantly feeling whole again at that moment. I never forgot that. I once caught myself hugging an eucalyptus tree in the hopes of experiencing what she did. All I felt was its smoothness and coolness.
    My friend’s experience was something of the supernatural, I promise. Anyway, thought you would know.

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  4. Love this! Out hugging my trees every day!! Not literally but out amongst them.
    The last 2 weeks have been therapy with the chainsaw cutting the down dead trees in the “back 40” for wood for our wood burning stove.

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