The UK Variant & Being Back to the Dark Ages

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I read somewhere in the world “wild” web that calling the now-named novel coronavirus as the Wuhan Virus or the China Virus is unfair, uncivilized and xenophobic.  Lots of articles and write-ups raised that this naming of the new virus from its place of origin is inhumane and no longer acceptable since year 2015 by the World Health Organization.  Articles explained that such should be named differently because the world is no longer in its Dark Ages and that the old practice has caused violent anger and physical danger towards the citizens or ethnicities where the disease originated.

But I got sets of disturbing questions now.  If WHO has new sets of best practices in naming viruses and diseases, how come the now-mutated and highly contagious variant of novel coronavirus is commonly called The UK Variant, the place on earth where it was first detected?  And why are the British people not reacting the way Chinese folks reacted when novel coronavirus was named after their country?

I don’t have a relative living in UK now but I know lots of people there, from Boris to Elizabeth to cute little George, Charlotte and Louis.  Why is my godmother who is British whom I last met when I was 3 years old is not hurt, not offended and not even reacting?

Answers to these troubling questions I guess is because British folks nowadays have gone too docile to react and have been too busy trying to improve their sad and alarming Covid19 status.  Or maybe, we are back in the Dark Ages.

Get well UK!

15 thoughts on “The UK Variant & Being Back to the Dark Ages

  1. In the immediate aftermath of the COVID’s discovery last year, calling it the ‘Wuhan virus’ or, worse, ‘China Flu’, led directly to people from China suffering quite a lot of abuse. I live in the UK, and have not experienced any such abuse, online or otherwise, whilst I can remember Chinese friends I knew last year being yelled at or spat at in public by people using the excuse of ‘China flu’ to abuse them – I don’t think we Brits are too docile, there just hasn’t been the same vitriol against us, or South Africa or Brazil

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  2. Very good point my lovely blog friend, years ago i trained as a security guard and my instructor at the time said we are no longer British lions , but bunny rabbit Britain, his words not mine lol his opinion was that Britain has become too soft in the eyes of the rest of the world, this was over 20 years ago and I often think of what he would make of this thats happening in the world today.

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  3. I am a British man but I now live in Portugal. What you said is spot on! I was listening to someone yesterday speaking about this, the last global pandemic was called the Spanish flu… this name was not changed even though it apparently all began on navy ships (not sure if that’s true). I wonder the same thing, why aren’t we British saying something? After all, they like to verbalize everything else such as opposing lockdowns and masks. You make a great point. God bless

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    • Hmmm… being docile “and” not being paranoid, i guess is a good thing. It can be construed as “being amenable yet having a good amount of confidence”. And yeah, I agree with you regarding the suspicious level of sensitivities by the Chinese authorities. 🙂

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  4. Calling COVID the China Flu was blaming them by weaponizing the name. Calling a mutation, the UK variant or the South Africa variant lets us know which version is in our area. We all need to be more careful of our words and actions. Stay well, whichever bug or variant is in your area. Allan


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