Someone Celebrated His Birthday

It was his birthday days ago but only had its simple celebration yesterday.  There was the obligatory cake, the sumptuous food, wine and cheese.  There was even the crazy blowing of the candle!

stay sane and happy!

with my mom and the rest of the fam!

May you have the strength of the heroes, the wisdom of the divine, the wealth of the gods, the smile of the angels and the body to die for! Hahaha!

Happy Birthday to me.

47 thoughts on “Someone Celebrated His Birthday

  1. OH HOW FUN!!!!! HAPPY BE-LATED BIRTHDAY!!! I’m so happy You were born! You bring much joy to the planet! I hope this year gifts You far more Joy then You ever thought possible! Sending huge hugs and much Love Your way! Rock on!!! 🤗💖😊


  2. Happy Birthday (um, almost two months late but it is the thought that counts.)🙂🙂 Or, you can also take it as an early birthday wish for 2021. Haha.

    Happy New Year. 😁 (again, 4 days late.)

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