Thank You For The Rescue

A dear friend who regularly watch out and read my blog posts asked if I again ceased on writing and putting entries in this blog.  I answered no and not yet.  I explained that I cancelled writing about my take on Starbucks’ release of its Christmas holiday cups.   I annulled writing about my suggested technique on how to baste a turkey.  And I refused to write about my rants of not being able to shop during the 11.11 (Nov 11) online sale.

And though I wanted to praise on how blue looks so good on both the states of Georgia and Pennsylvania after the US American elections, I decided to keep quiet.  Reason behind this is because I do not have the gull to write about all these trivial and fun stuffs when my country is experiencing a horrendous devastation brought about by a string of super deadly typhoons.

a huge flood! 

I decided to be a little more sensitive towards the agony felt by my country towards the recent devastations brought about by not just 1 but 4 strong typhoons (named Quinta, Rolly, Siony and Ulysses) that hit my country consecutively in a matter of 2 short weeks.

Its sunny and dry now; the floods have started to recede now; and, the winds are gentler now.  But there are a lot of cleaning, clearing and fixing that needs to be done. I guess I am a little relax now and can write something again now.

My last 2 posts were about saying thanks.  Let this be my 3rd consecutive showing of gratitude then.  This time, let me extend my warmest praise and thanks to the rescuers who put their lives on the line in saving the people who got trapped by the big devastating floods brought about by these typhoons.

thanks paps!

i love this photo!

Their extra ordinary heroic bravery is truly worth all the praises! Thanks for your bravery. Thanks for your service.

39 thoughts on “Thank You For The Rescue

  1. I’m very sorry that this has happened. Natural disasters are unavoidable at times, but how we hold ourselves together make a big difference. I understand how you feel about wanting to talk about things that personally affect you, but feeling the need to be respectful of those who have lost so much.

    Life is about striking a delicate balance and it’s difficult for us at times. Talk about both things. You can dedicate a post to talking about how you feel about the situation and at the same time contrasting it with things that are happening in your life that you are grateful for. I’m sure your readers will support you.

    I actively participate in fundraising activities for missions that do relief work in your area of the world. Every little bit counts. We sent masks earlier this year. When the next round comes up at the end of the year, I will request that this area be made a priority.

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  2. The photo of the baby in the bucket says so much – the joy of the rescue and the kindness and strength of those that venture out to rescue, but also the sadness at the devastation caused by natural disasters that seem to keep coming your way. That image will stay with me. I live in the Colorado (US) mountains and we have been beset by destructive wildfires, more each year. I am grateful each year that the forests and mountains around me haven’t yet been affected.

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  3. Sweet post. Your country has been through so much on so many counts. I am looking forward to a healing of the out of whack climate that has caused such an uptick in disasters around the world. Hope you’ve been safe!

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  4. I do understand that and I can relate it’s so hard to write about good fun stuffs when others are suffering. Have to pass a few days or a week off unless you can tell about it which you did. Good on you. Keep safe!

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  5. There are things we all have to face. It is wonderful that some people rise to the occasion and help others face it. Floods bring diseases and hunger. It is weird the people remain thirsty while surrounded by water. I can only imagine how people are dealing with the pain of four storms together. I hope they are able to return to normal life very soon.

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