Feeling Low? Read This!

a friend captured this early this morning in his home province…

If you are a non-Filipino and you hate your life and at a lowest low, think again.  Let me just inform you that while I am writing this, my country (the Philippines) is experiencing the deadliest, the strongest and most devastating tropical storm of the year on the planet.  Power outages, spotty internet, dreadful storm surges by the seaside, terrible flashfloods, daunting evacuations of families and horrible destruction of buildings, crops and produce are all ongoing.   And this is in the midst of the deadly pandemic!

So, if you are feeling sad, miserable and dispirited, think again! You just don’t know how blessed and fortunate you are at the moment.

Got to go.  Need to evacuate to my mom’s house and arm myself with the mighty umbrella!  Stay resilient Philippines! I pray for everyone’s safety and that this deadly storm will pass soonest!

75 thoughts on “Feeling Low? Read This!

  1. So sorry to hear about the extreme weather conditions in Philippines…

    Hope you and your near ones are safe …

    I am from Kerala, a small state at the South Western end of India and luckily things are going good at this moment. We rarely face extreme weather conditions.

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  2. Thank you for sharing this – it certainly puts things in perspective doesn’t it. I’m here in Dublin moaning about a bit of rain and a 5 km lockdown but that’s nothing compared to what you are all going through. I wish you well. XXXMarie

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  4. I recently saw a news report about life in a Syrian Refugee camp and Covid. I know I am extraordinarily blessed and my life is very good when I see the hardships others are faced with. I hope you will be able to stay safe! Courage !

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  5. I think it was about 1995 when we were living at a University in Silang Cavite that a typhoon struck while I was attending a conference in Singapore. My wife who had responsibilities to attend to at the University had stayed home and was there when a typhoon struck. Winds were so fierce that in spite of the well constructed house able to stand through such an emergency water was spraying in through the slightest cracks between doors and windows. She thought she was going to die. Coconuts were being ripped off palms and driven deep into the ground with the force of those winds. So we understand the terror of those storms and how destructive they are to property and life. You have my sincere sympathies.

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