I Miss Going To The Movies

Do you remember when was the last time you went out, go to a cinema and see a movie?  I miss doing that.  It is so long ago that I no longer can recall what was the last film I saw inside a movie house.

For me, going out to watch a movie is some sort of a social activity.  It’s like having a mini-party that is to be attended either by a bunch of friends, family and even strangers.  No thanks to the ongoing pandemic, I have yet to get inside a cinema and have this mini-social activity done this year!

Yeah, I too is a Netflix subscriber, but I miss the fun of falling on queue outside the theater, the buzz of selecting which time slot to watch at the box office or the angst of running in a hurry because the film is about to start.  I also miss the delight of selecting what to binge and snack on – chips, burgers, hotdogs or a pail of buttery popcorn.

stuck at home, gone grumpy and mad… i wanna go to the movies!

Going to the movies is a perfect social activity for it hits all-encompassing purposes of having an enjoyment, relaxation, stimulation and a sense of belongingness.  But this social communal pursuit seems dying.  Aside from the fear of catching the deadly bug, human beings now prefer watching at the comforts of their home.  Yeah, I know that watching movies at home is more convenient, safer and cheaper but it misses the mark in terms of us being social beings.

I’m betting my skinny butt, count forty or fifty years when people evolved and become solitary species, those cinemas can be considered dead, extinct and a thing of the past.  Young folks by that time would be so shocked to find out that movie theaters run and existed and they would innocuously utter “ridiculous people of the past are so weird?!

Enough said.  I want to be that weird dude of the future and I definitely miss going to the movies!

47 thoughts on “I Miss Going To The Movies

    • Yup. There is one drive in cinema here at the Mall of Asia. Haven’t tried it. But i suppose the vibe is so different from an actual movie house.

      Thanks for being a regular reader. ☺

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  1. I just watch movies when the reviews are excellent. Otherwise, I feel like it is a waste of time. But I intend to go more often with a friend when I got my senior citizens card. But am not really lucky, there’s the Pandemic!

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  2. I actually have been to the movies twice in the last month! I watched “tenant” and “Greenland”. We are allowed here in Portugal. However, its really not the same. The first movie had only 4 people, including my wife and I! The second only had 6. Its very different – the films were good though 😊 I hope you get the chance to go to the movies soon!

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  3. I miss the movies to. It’s been very long for me. My last was Aquaman. There’s something about cinemas. Apart from the big screens and good surround sound, it’s a perfect social activity with many benefits from relaxation to fulfilment as you’ve mentioned.

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  4. I’m not much of a film person and haven’t been to the pictures in years, but you’ve reminded me how enjoyable it was. Even if the film was rubbish, the experience made up for it, and you could at least come out laughing about it. I’m sure you will be back taking your seat soon enough, and how joyous that will be – that grumpy face will be long gone!

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    • Thank you 😍

      I will take you out to a horror film if given a chance. In my experience, scary movies would usually become a comedy because when i watch, my eyes are closed at almost half of the film. And i would just hilariously ask my companion what is going on in the scene! Hahaha!

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  5. The last movie I saw was New Mutants, I was just saying that it seems all new releases are Bottom of the barrel dreck. Going to the movies used to be my primary source of entertainment when I was single now my wife and I do a bit more. Although I will say that enjoyed the social distancing experience at the movies, no annoying people on Facebook in front or next to me.

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