Declogging My Brain’s Sewer Line

Though I am not a writer, I think I am suffering from a writer’s block.  To be more precise an “amateur writer’s block”.  My trend of thought being so comatose disabled me from featuring something special or interesting on this blog for the past few days.  And since I seem to suffer from this condition, I decided to shut up and just revisit my Secret Garden coloring book this weekend.

plants thrive in my secret garden! yay!

This old coloring book has been my laxative-like remedy each time my brain’s sewer line is clogged.  Here’s the page I finished.

failed to do my weekend chores because of this! LOL!

I read somewhere that writing a crappy post such as this one is much better than not writing at all. I hope my loony trend of thought will soon be declogged and feature something interesting soonest!

17 thoughts on “Declogging My Brain’s Sewer Line

  1. I find doodling with pencils really helps. Also, with oil painting– the first thing I do with a blank canvas is I begin spreading and smearing various brush strokes of colors everywhere, until my mind settles down and somehow perceives a subject matter to proceed with. In the case of writing poetry, I might focus on a small area in my backyard, enlarge it in my mind, and perhaps envision some fantasy landscape and go from there. Either way– it helps to fill in those blank pages and canvases.

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