I Had Coffee With Your Avatar

Now that the world has gone bonkers, I think gaining and winning friends by the present generation sits quite fine and okeydokey with me.  Generation now would consider that the minimum requirements for at least two human beings to be considered as friends is that they have to have a photo together posted on social media or that one has clicked accept a Facebook invite by the other.

Though I am truly glad that I am not part of this peculiar “friendship” scheme.  I think I would still recognize and accept such a modern way of developing friendships for the mere fact that such scheme and pattern is positive.

It is totally different from the way how friendship develops and flourish during my young though not so vibrant time.  Friendship development and occurrences then were face-to-face, non-tech, unknowing, fluid, extemporaneous and does not require having an avatar.

my present globally recognized avatar! hi friends!

I am not saying that those that I connect with via social media or the world-wide-web as not friends.  They are indeed!  But it could have been more enhanced if I happen to at least smell or touch these new found friends.  Yeah, I am a touchy person (and not a smelly one)!  And I would have love to have at least a coffee or dinner with these new found comrades.

Case in point are the new found friends I developed while writing and posting on this blog.  These are the amazing and beautiful people who cared to read, like, comment and/or follow the Nengkoy blog.  Conversing via the comment sections and responding to emails, believe it or not, has been very fascinating and enriching experiences.  Some don’t even have a face since their avatar would be a painting, a cartoon character or the photo of their favorite pet yet I would consider them as my modern virtual friends. 

And since, like what I have said, the world has gone bonkers, you may not know it, but I have had a coffee with your avatar in the past few days! Hahaha!

Finding new friends is positive and in the affirmative, whichever way a person achieves it would be so fine with me. 

57 thoughts on “I Had Coffee With Your Avatar

  1. Whoa, this is a profound post, man! It’s true that meeting someone face-to-face and interacting with them in such a manner is the best way to get to know someone — body language, intonations, facial expressions. Hopefully, the situation would soon allow more of these interactions in the future. 🙂

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  2. I can pretty much relate to this post. Many of people of my age term me to be oldschool, and I have no idea what the present generation would term me as. I would always prefer an in person chat over whatever the new technology has bestowed upon us. 🙂

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  3. Through the blog, I was lucky enough to make some friends. They are all wonderful people. Maybe writing helps us to get into people’s souls and it’s easier than social media, to get to know each other!

    Someone I even had the good fortune to meet him / her in person and the idea that I had, was not disappointed 🙂

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  4. My avatar never said anything about these caffeinated capers! But then, he doesn’t say much. He just sits there smirking to the side…

    Nice musing. I am a bit of an introvert so, although I’m a throwback in some ways, online interaction suits me just fine. There are lots of friends here on WordPress, which is why I’ve stuck around despite closing almost all other social media. Cool people just appear out of nowhere. Most of my closest WP friends are in different countries to myself, so I’d make an exception for them; it’d be fun to meet up for coffee someday. 🙂

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  5. Awww, this resonated with me too. I too have gained a number of friends here in WP and I admit that I catch myself plenty of times hnow it’d be to actually talk and hang out with these people in real life. 😄 How I wish kapitbahay lang kita, so I’ll come over to your house and ateal coffee. 😝😆😂

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  6. 😍😍 very nicely said haha times are changing…I met few fairly close friends online we share a lot what I might not even share with close friends in real world…yet I might never get a coffee with them despite the connection as they live on the other site of the world…I guess you’re right it doesn’t matter who they are and where they come from if physical or virtual world if connection is there it’s there…one knows that instantly 😀

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  7. Having had the experience of being an avatar for 13 years in the virtual worlds of Second Life, and Kitely – Virtual Worlds on Demand, I know what a powerful tool it is for friendship and yes, artistic collaboration. I have a film partner who I have never met and lives in Gerrnany ( I am in Costa Rica)
    We do not even chat in voice, but use text and we have made 28 videos together! and won numerous awards. This year, was the first year we actually exchanged Real Life pictures..because what we looked like, was never the important thing.. The soul or the inside of a person , will always come through any avatar, even if it looks like a cardboard box:) I have a post about this on my blog. Can avatars find soulmates, even the creative types? Oh yes! https://karimahoisan.com/2020/08/19/creative-soulmates/ I really enjoyed your perspective in this post!

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  8. Nengkoy, you have rightly pointed pointed this fact out. Few days back I wrote a Short Story “The Rooftop Ruffians,” in which I went on to vividly describe a friendship between 9 friends in the the early 80’s that sprang on the rooftops of the city of Kolkata in India. In another story of mine “Midnight Swimmers” I went on to share about 4 friends who came together through a common passion for swimming and their love for philosophy. What I want to say is basically our old school style of friendship are rare these days. Digital has its advantages, however will never have the flavour of the olden days. Though this new wave may evolve into something better in the future taking lessons from the past and mixing with the technologies of the present. Your writeup has brought this out very well. It made me think and ponder much. Thanks friend!

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  9. Enjoyed your post but I don’t agree that ‘social media’ people are friends. I have fun with some of my social media acquaintances and am amazed at how much private information they want to divulge but my friends are people in real life whom I’ve got to know over many hours of talking, eating, drinking, and communicating in all sorts of subtle ways. To each his own though.

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  10. Totally agree with you. I only wish Facebook had an ‘acquaintance’ request as well, so we could see see how many real friends we actually have. lol. Food for thought though, to have a friend is to be a friend, and that takes commitment and mutual participation. 🙂

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