A Snake Thing

Which among the creatures of the animal kingdom that you fear most?  The animal that provides irrational trepidations.   The beast or creature you don’t know why you dread the most.  I got one.

It would be the snake.  I don’t know why, but the mere site of a snake gives me discomfort.  If virile, macho big guys can hit the highest note known to mankind when they encounter spiders, my vocal stamina can be tested by the mere site of this reptile.

Oftentimes, I don’t remember my dreams but each time I dream about snakes, I can always recall it when I wake up.  I haven’t touched a serpent and I don’t have plans of holding one.  I don’t know why I abhor and fear the poor snakes. 

And I don’t know why I am including a video of my cooking Snake Beans Adobo in this blog post. Hahaha!  Maybe it is because while cooking this dish, I am reminded of my fear of the said animal.

I know that the heavens will not place snakes on mother earth if it does not play a significant role in the ecosystem.  Regardless, I will not hug a black mamba or a king cobra any time soon but will instead run my fastest at the sight of one.

Oh, and by the way the Snake Beans Adobo was heavenly.  I guess it is the only type of snake that I can personally deal with.

12 thoughts on “A Snake Thing

  1. I have no fear of snakes, rats, most wildlife; barely any fear of sharks; but intense arachnophobia!! I’ve worked through it enough to allow spiders that “follow the rules” to live, even inside my house. The rules are actually just 1: Don’t get within 1 foot of me!

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  2. Snakes in dreams are often related to one’s own sexuality. I used to have these dreams quite often (combined with a fear of snakes too :), but since I’ve become more clear about my sexuality, I no longer have these dreams…

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    • oooh! interesting… in my east asian culture, when people dream about snakes it is a sign that they would gain lots of wealth and fortune. it is a symbol of luck and money. but i have yet to gain mine. hahaha! hey, thanks for commenting… i enjoy reading your blog posts about your travels here and other parts of south east asia.


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