Unbelievable Photos in Glenorchy

I am convinced New Zealand literally has some of the most stunning sights on earth!  Everywhere you look, the view is ‘exploding’ with awesomeness!

Two photos (not just one but two) taken during my New Zealand adventure that everyone doubts its authenticity are these…

wharf shed in glenorchy

too beautiful!

is this for real?

is this for real?

Every time I would show these photos to friends and colleagues, they could not believe that such a stunning and beautiful place really exist.  Common comments I receive upon seeing these photos is that I just stood in front of a big backdrop of a very well executed painting or a massive high-definition printed tarpaulin or that such photo was a product of someone’s drawing and that I simply superimposed my body to make it look real.  Everybody says it’s too good, it’s too perfect and it’s too beautiful for a place to be existing here on earth.

But the thing is… these photos are 100% real.  This place is called Glenorchy which is located at the northern tip of Lake Wakatipu, the longest lake and 3rd largest lake in the southern island of New Zealand.

Thanks to my super friend Joesel who captured the perfect natural color and lighting, the perfect composition and the perfect texture using just my Samsung Note 5 mobile phone.  All these makes these photos seem to tell awesome stories.

an addition to my ref magnet collection

an addition to my ref magnet collection



I actually was stunned to find a souvenir ref magnet being sold in a nearby souvenir shop that features the very site where my photos were taken.  According to the lady who was manning the store, the red wharf shed is considered one iconic spot in this unbelievably beautiful town! She said that the massive red painted shed is considered to be the hub of Glenorchy at the turn of the century.  It was built to receive supplies from Queenstown brought into the town via steam boats.  I was so awe-stricken, I just have to purchase the ref magnet so as to own my little piece of Glenorchy.

Nakaka-laglag panga sa ganda!

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