A Pinoy Looking Forward to Eurovision This Year

(photo captured from eurovision website)

(photo captured from eurovision website)

Eurovision is a very popular song contest participated mostly by the members of the European Broadcasting Union.  Though it is widely popular even to non-member countries like USA and China, I, being an inhabitant in the southeastern portion of the planet is not keen and familiar about this contest.  News on who won in this prestigious contest would oftentimes be brushed-off in my country.

But for this year, I would have to go off a tangent.  It is because I am very excited to see the talented Dami Im on the stage performing this year’s song entry by Australia.  I am looking forward on seeing the dazed, dumbfounded and bewildered reactions of the audience after watching and hearing Dami sing. And I am most eager to witness how she would blow up the big stage in Stockholm with her amazing set of pipes during the night of the competition.

I have been a member of the Dami Army since day one of X Factor Australia 2013 (press the LINK for proof).  And for this year I would have to admit that I would be cheering for Australia to win.

Though Philippines is not a member and participant in this contest, let me then initiate the casting of the Philippine vote for 12 points to Australia.  Aussie, Aussie, Aussie! Oi,Oi, Oi! Here’s this year’s Aussie entry as performed by the fantastic Dami Im…

Dami por da win… ‘yan na ang panalo!

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