Now I Can Wear The D&G Scent Again

maestros d&g

maestros d&g

So finally the duo has come into their functional senses and realized that the remarks were nothing but ill, faulty and discriminatory.  Domenico Dolce, the half of Dolce & Gabbana according to has finally said sorry and expressed that his words were inappropriate and that it was not his intention to offend anyone.  This is with regards to their ill remarks about gay or straight parents having “synthetic” babies, or “chemical offspring” from a “rented uterus”, making them this year as the most hated fashion icons on the planet.

I totally don’t understand why it took so long for fashion maestro Dolce to realize the error in his inflammatory comments except for the possibility perhaps that there has been significant drop in their sales and revenues.  May this be the reason behind such a change of heart or not, what is important is that there is an emergence of consciousness among the human beings of this planet.  That no institution can tell people how to love and people who wants to create or develop a family can freely choose on how to go about it.

the classic d&g scent

the classic d&g scent

I have always believed that earnest humility and expressions of sincere apology helps mend shattered relationships.  So I guess, it’s now time to locate, take out and use my long-been kept bottle of D&G perfume which have been shelved for some period of time now as part of my joining the boycott of their products.  Now I can wear the D&G scent again.

Mabuti nag sori na kasi ubos na yung mga pabango kong Dyoban at Tsarli. 

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