At This Interesting Moment, It’s “Roxas Na, Oras Na”

Living in the Philippines today has been very interesting.  In May 2016, the Philippine populace will exercise its right to suffrage so as to elect the next Chief Executive of the land.  As of this writing, there are two hot contenders who already expressed their interest, Mr. Jejomar Binay and Mr. Mar Roxas.  No other hot and interesting contender yet except for this two has stepped forward to express their intention of running.

Since Senator Alan Peter Cayetano seem not running, and if the election will be held at this very point in time, I would have to choose of course the “lesser evil”.  Honestly, I would vote anyone running for President except for Mr. Binay.   Mr. Binay’s character, reputation and even temperament has gone so interestingly shady.  And I would not lay my country’s chance, future and interest on those points and attributes.

mar roxas  (photo grabbed from mar roxas' facebook page)

mar roxas
(photo grabbed from mar roxas’ facebook page)

Therefore, I would have to choose Mr. Mar Roxas at this point in time.  For me Mr. Roxas seem sincere yet misunderstood.  Unfortunately though, his deep sincerity and gentlemanly manners has twistedly been perceived by public as being a feeble, a limp and an inadequate.  Mr. Roxas for what I know has gone the rounds of various government posts.  So it can therefore be assumed that he knows the job.  In the eyes of a human resource practitioner (like me), he simply has gone through a lot of ‘cross-trainings’.

Mar Roxas actually gained lots of my respect when he forgo of his desire to become the President five years ago when he instead endorsed Pnoy Aquino to run.  And the rest of the last five years has been an interesting history.

Now, there are other contenders that the vehement public is still waiting to know if they would be running or not.  Two well-liked and interesting contenders are Senator Grace Poe Llamanzares and Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte.

I personally believe in lots of political science personalities’ analyses that the more candidates there are, the more chances that Mr. Binay will win.  This is because the supposed solid anti-Binay vote from among all these camps of candidates will be dispersed.  But if there will only be one candidate going against Binay, the anti-Binay vote will remain robust, solid and sturdy.

working or candy crush? hahaha!

working or candy crush? hahaha!

This then will test the authenticity of Poe’s and Duterte’s desires for the country.  Besides, both admit that Mar Roxas is indeed qualified.  Would they be willing to forgo their personal cravings of becoming the President and let Roxas be their candidate so as to collapse an impending fraud, corruption and dynasty?  Would they be inclined to sacrifice their aspiration of heading the whole country like what Mar Roxas did five years ago?

The interesting answers to these interesting question will soon be answered. At present and at this very interesting hour of interesting Philippines, for me, the interesting slogan is “Oras Na, Roxas Na!

Abangan and mga susunod na kabanata…

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